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Visionary’s PacketAV Matrix Series Selected for Piedmont Healthcare’s Hospital

Piedmont community health system will incorporate the AV products across their facilities as part of a 10-year expansion.

Kaseya Obtains Decryptor Key for Recent Ransomware Attacks

The IT enterprise firm obtained the universal decryptor key following the REvil attacks that took place on July 3.

Five Predictions for the Future of the Office

There are multiple ways companies will have to redesign their workspaces to adapt to what the office will look like in the future.

Scammers Target Individuals Looking to Watch Olympics

Cyber criminals are using the popularity of the 2021 Olympics to create many online scams targeted towards people interested in the games.

The Right Questions to Ask About Returning to Work

Instead of only focusing on how to return to work, employers should look at many potential problems going forward as we make our way out of the pandemic.

pro AV News to Know

AV News to Know July 23, 2021: New Products, Cool Projects and People in New Places

In this week’s edition: Clear-Com introduces Arcadia, new audio extenders & video wall drivers, Surecall joins NSCA & more.

Digital Transformation the Key to Combatting Supply Chain Issues

Procurement specialists discuss the trend of digital transformation and how it can help businesses weather unforeseen events.

Employers Fear Pushback from Staff with Office Reentry

With offices beginning to open back up, many companies are fearful of conflict arising due to their reentry plans.

What the AV and IT Convergence Misses

The AV and IT convergence is often misapplied. Brawn takes a closer look at the differences between AV, IT and digital signage.

Zoom Expands Platform Capabilities

Expanded SMS Support, Chat Enhancements, and post-meeting surveys have been added the to growing list of features for Zoom.