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This Illusory Clause in Most AV Contracts Is Completely Unenforceable

AV contractors should take note of discrepancies between equipment lists and the narrative listed in AV service contracts.

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Beyond ISE 2019: Lessons from the Global Technology Market

Explosive growth of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2019) should teach North American integration companies how important the global technology market is. But are they adjusting their business world views accordingly?


Prysm Global Restructuring Plans Aimed at ‘Strengthening the Company’

Prysm leadership announces company is ‘streamlining’ its operations, undergoing ‘targeted workforce reductions’ and strengthening its global partnerships.

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How a Good Distributor Cuts Your Costs, Improves Profitability

As integration companies look to improve profitability, they should look toward their product distributor partners and factors such as product availability, warehousing, freight savings and intangibles that can save money and pad bottom lines.

29 Predictions for the AV Industry in 2019 and Beyond

We’re lucky to have plenty of folks in the AV integration world who are willing to take the risk of not being right and share their predictions for what we’ll see in the next 12 months — and sometimes a bit beyond that. Check out our new guide.

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AVIXA Diversity Council Message Reaches ISE 2019, Returning to InfoComm 2019

AVIXA Diversity Council will host first European event in March, featuring ISE managing director Mike Blackman, as worldwide effort continues steady growth.

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What to Watch at ISE 2019: Products and AV Trends at the Show

These are some of the AV trends and products we think will be most prominent on the ISE 2019 (Integrated Systems Europe) show floor.

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ISE Guide for Beginners; Responding to Anti-Diversity Comments; AV News from January: Episode 45 of AV+

On this monthly feature episode of AV+, an ISE guide for beginners; a response to anti-diversity comments; monthly news roundup and editor’s desk.

Super Bowl, Tampa Bay Rays, No Cash

Hey, Sports Fans! Your Favorite Teams Want Your Support, but No Cash!

Tampa Bay Rays decided no cash for 2019 season and Super Bowl could soon follow their lead too. What will this mean for people who don’t have credit cards?

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People & Places: No Shortage of AV Hires and News in January!

This month in AV news and hires, we hear from South Central A/V, Digital Signage Expo, and so, so many other integrators and manufacturers.