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How to Comply with Small Business Regulations Affecting AV Integrators

If you’re not up to speed on building codes, safety, Davis-Bacon act and other small business regulations, your AV integrator firm may be breaking the law.

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NEC’s Proven History of Delivering High Tech Healthcare Solutions

From telehealth offerings to patient room whiteboards that update themselves, NEC’s place in the high tech healthcare market is well ahead of its peers.

Logitech, Plantronics

Deal or No Deal? Logitech Says It’s No Longer Trying to Acquire Plantronics

Logitech approached Plantronics about a possible deal, officials say, but the sides are no longer discussing what would be among the largest of 2018.

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Integrator of the Year: Ford Audio-Video Redefines the Traditional AV Integrator

2018 Integrator of the Year Ford Audio-Video isn’t “traditional” – they’re “principle-based,” says Ford AV founder Jim Ford. Ask an employee & you’ll see.

CI Summit, AV Industry, Total Tech Summit 2018

22 Tips You Missed Because You Weren’t at CI Summit 2018 (But, OK, You Can Read Them Now)

CI Summit 2018, part of Total Tech Summit 2018, had integrator panelists sharing tips on selling managed services, boosting profitability and seizing new AV opportunities. Here are 22 takeaways.

NSCA, safety regulations,

NSCA Delivers These 14 Services for Integration Firm Members Every Day

From tracking cyber and safety regulations that affect their companies to addressing insurance needs and compliance issues, these 14 services are the tip of the iceberg in terms of what NSCA provides to its members every day.

Marketing Ninja, Engineering Jedi

What’s in a Name? Ask the Marketing Ninja or Engineering Jedi

Business leaders are using ‘more creative’ job titles like Marketing Ninja to attract the top talent to their companies. What about paying them better?

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This Quiz Compares Your AV Service Revenue with the Field

Exactly how bad (or good) is your business’ level of service revenue? This four-question quiz rates your company against the rest of the industry.

New Year

Jumpstart Service Revenue: How to Make Good on Your New Year’s Resolution

These 4 steps should help integration firms add significant service revenue to their cash flow during 2019. Keep your New Year’s Resolution by registering for this free webinar.

Pro AV Industry Thanksgiving 2018

Here’s What the Pro AV Industry Says It Is Thankful For This Year

The pro AV industry reflects once again on what makes their hearts filled with warmth and appreciation during Thanksgiving 2018.