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AV Integrators Doubling Down on Casino Tech Market Thanks to Sports Betting

The Supreme Court gave states the authority to launch sports betting across U.S. in May 2018 and AV integrators are cashing in on lucrative casino tech.

Zume Dough-Bots

Zume Dough-Bots Can’t Deliver on Promise of Better Pizza in a High-Tech Way

Silicon Valley pizza startup Zume dumps robots after complaints about the taste of the pies they were making became too much to overcome.

Technology Service Revenue, MSP horror stories

Take it From MSPs: If You Start Doing Technology Service Revenue, Expect a Few Challenges Like These

Earning more technology service revenue will bring its fair share of craziness: just read some of these MSP horror stories.

World Wide Web Foundation

World Wide Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Says It’s Time to Fix the Internet

World Wide Web Foundation aims to use nine core principles to overhaul how organizations approach the Internet and to make it available to everyone.

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Audio Visual Jobs of the Week November 26: Senior AV Installer, Inventory Specialist, Lighting Control Specialist, & More

Looking for work in Pro AV? Check out the latest listings for audio visual jobs: Senior AV Installer, Inventory Specialist, Lighting Control Specialist, & more.

Integrator of the Year, Solutionz

A ‘Solutionz Solution:’ How Our Integrator of the Year Does Their Job (And Does It Well)

“They made it sound like they were going to take care of us & they certainly did,” says a client that Solutionz built a relationship with in telemedicine.

employee experience team

Would an Employee Experience Team Work in AV?

AV integrators have long said finding talent is an issue, so companies should rethink how they treat employees and adopt an employee experience model.

low-voltage integrators profits tips

Low-Voltage Integrators: Here are 32 Tips to Better Your Profits & Processes

Low-voltage integrators share what they charge for design fees, how they generate RMR and more business-building best practices.

customer service approach, audio visual customers

Improve Your Customer Service Approach with Audio Visual Customers

Would you rather help a client who has an issue with your work find a solution or try to play hardball and risk losing them—as well as the people they know?

ACES, HB Communications

HB Communications’ Work with ACES Has Them Craving More Outreach Opportunities

HB Communications mulling new ways to give back after its partnership with ACES, a program for people with behavioral issues, led to new employee.