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28 Products Redefining Meeting Spaces

The following presentation, collaboration and communication products had a major impact on how integrators solved customers’ meeting space challenges in 2016.

Yorktel Opens Tokyo Office in Asia Pacific Expansion

The opening of a new office in Tokyo is the latest step in Yorktel’s global expansion, building on successful growth achieved throughout EMEA.

Diversified Named 2016 Integrator of the Year

A series of acquisitions and a leadership change helped turn Diversified, an already-powerful industry leader, into our 2016 Integrator of the Year.

Trump’s Policies Will Definitely Impact Tech Industry, But How?

President-elect Donald Trump’s Internet, small business, corporate and oversees manufacturing policies are analyzed.

Commercial Integrator AVDG Takes Resi Market By Storm

7 ways AVDG has succeeded in targeting high-tech residential clientele and earned $5 million in revenue.

Why LED Is Essential for Today’s AV Projects

A longer life-cycle, unlimited sizing options and its stunning brightness are just a few reasons why LED is essential for today’s AV projects.

How the Cloud Brings System Integrators More RMR Opportunities

As cloud services become more and more available in the security industry, there will be opportunities for integrators to provide more managed services and thus gain more RMR from their clients.

For Internet of Things, Legrand Is Its Own Trojan Horse

Launching its ELIOT Internet of Things development program in North America, Legrand looks to leverage devices already in millions of commercial and residential buildings.


Why Hiring Veterans Should be on the Forefront of Your Recruiting Goals

Veterans help contribute to a company’s bottom line thanks to their leadership skills and work ethic. Here’s what some industry organizations and firms are doing to attract more veterans to the industry.

How to Solve Your Customers’ Video Management Challenges

6 simple ways integrators can earn recurring revenue while helping their customers.