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Your Roadmap to Recurring Revenue Starts with Herman Integration Services

Review these 4 steps to build a recurring monthly revenue model.

How Selling Broadband Services Can Boost Monthly Revenue

Join us for a FREE 1 Hour Webcast where integrators will learn how to sell bandwidth from top providers like Comcast and Time Warner overcoming a system obstacle and earn revenue from each contract.

recurring revenue

4 Factors to Consider When Creating a Recurring Revenue Model

Transitioning to a recurring revenue model may not be an overnight move for integrators, however there are a number of services that can be built and delivered in short order to help move integrators toward generating greater amounts of recurring revenue while offering greater value to customers.

LED Video Walls

How to Tackle the Enormous LED Video Wall Opportunity

More spaces are incorporating LED video walls every day, but many integrators won’t—or can’t—go near them. Herman Integration Services can help.

Booked Up, Busy, and Billable: Strategies to Maximize Tech Utilization

This FREE downloadable paper explains 5 strategies to maximize technician utilization.