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Thinking of AV as a STEAM Career Can Help Capture That Next Crop of AV Experts

Thinking of pro AV as a STEAM career could help your company partner with educators and develop the next generation of AV experts.

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You’ll Be Able to Network Virtually at InfoComm 2020 Connected

We won’t be able to talk AV over drinks and gambling, but you’ll still get to meet new people and network virtually thanks to InfoComm Connected.

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AV Integration Project Work Improving Slowly, According to AVIXA COVID-19 Impact Survey

Weekly AVIXA COVID-19 Impact Survey shows uptick in paid AV projects, more companies working at full capacity and increasing optimism across most sectors.

Poly Zoom Certification

Check Out Poly’s Zoom Rooms-certified Meeting Devices

Poly’s Studio X30 and Studio X50 video bars along with the G7500 video conferencing system are the first Zoom Room Appliances to be Zoom-certified.

Crestron HomeTime

Crestron Announces HomeTime Home UC Solution

Our homes have become our workplaces before we even realized it. Now, technology solutions providers like Crestron, Logitech and Zoom are beginning to realize this and bring us products to help truly transform our homes into workspaces. Crestron, a giant in audiovisual and integration equipment, is collaborating with remote work providers Logitech and Zoom to […]

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Why Integrators Should Think Differently About Remote Work

Research on remote work trends increasingly suggests it’s not going away anytime soon, so integrators should shift their offerings to accomodate customers.

Drive-Through AV Vertical

COVID-19 is Creating a Busy Drive-Through AV Vertical

When COVID-19 forced restaurants to close their dining rooms, drive-throughs and pickup operations became critical, creating an AV opportunity.


Zoom Inches Closer to End-To-End Encryption

Zoom has published a draft cryptographic design of its end-to-end encryption offering as part of the company’s 90-day security plan.

Resimercial AV Marketing

Breaking into the Commercial AV Space with ‘Resimercial’ Marketing

Despite the trendiness of social media marketing, integrators looking to make a splash in the burgeoning resimercial market may want to adopt a more old-school approach.

COVID-19 Conference Room

Capitalizing on Conference Solutions in the New Normal

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating the remote work and conference room trend, providing an opportunity for AV integrators to help customers return to work.

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