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Why Your AV Sales Team Shouldn’t Just Sell AV

The impact of B2B customer loyalty should not be underestimated. AVIXA says AV sales teams have got to focus on understanding their clients, not just tech.

AV industry trends

Pro AV Industry Trends in Two Minutes: AVIXA’s Predictions for the Next Few Years

AVIXA predicts the industry will grow to $230 billion by 2023. Here are the AV industry trends it believes will both help and hamper that result.

AV integration, pro AV

Here’s Why It’s OK to Vent About AV Being Underappreciated

It’s OK to vent frustrations about AV being underappreciated as long as AV professionals know our value, actively listen to customers and evolve our solutions.

Unified Technology Systems, AV integrator

Unified is the Latest Example of an AV Integrator Who Doesn’t Want to Be Limited By ‘AV’

Walking away from Unified AV Systems moniker, Unified Technology Systems joins AV integrator group trying to express they can do more than just AV installs.

pro AV podcast, AV+, AV news, commercial tech, pro AV, av podcast, AV plus podcast

Why Unified Dropped The “AV”: Episode 30 of AV+

On episode 30 of pro AV podcast, AV+, we learn why Unified AV became Unified Technology and wonder if those two letters are appropriate for the industry.

AV news, Shure, Listen Technologies

People & Places: Global Sales Trends from Shure; More AV News from September

AV news from September 2018: Shure continues pushing a global approach; Listen Technologies’s new Western Sales Director; more in this CI People & Places.

WAVE Electronics, Kingswood Capital, AVAD

AVAD and WAVE Electronics Merge Under Kingswood Capital Acquisition

Mark Fukuda of WAVE Electronics named CEO of home tech distributor after Kingswood Capital acquires & merges it with AVAD.


Unified Technology Systems Rebrand Reflects Broader Offerings Across AV, IT and Security

Unified AV Systems’ branding overhaul is an acknowledgement that the company—and the industry—offers its customers a lot more than just AV today.

Constant Technologies, mission critical

The Market for Mission Critical AV Is Expanding

What organizations deem “Mission critical AV” is evolving beyond military and government to include once traditional AV applications. Many integrators, however, might not but cut out for mission critical.