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Lightshade Cannabis Digital Signage

The Cannabis AV Market Is Rapidly Expanding

With more states legalizing cannabis and the market expanding, so is the opportunity for AV integrators to penetrate this industry.

Lower Project Costs of video walls

The Lowest-Cost Video Wall Products Won’t Always Keep Project Costs Low

Sourcing the lowest-cost video wall products in an attempt to keep project costs low could actually result in higher project costs.

Holiday Favorites in our 2020 Winter Product Guide

It’s not too late to get holiday shopping ideas for the integrators on your list.

free download about LED boards and customers

Turning the Desire for LED Boards into Integration Opportunities

LED board customers likely look at signage tech solely as an expense. Instead, they need to recognize it as a revenue opportunity.

LG Tellus Science Museum

Learn About How LG Helped Transform The Learning Experience At This Georgia Museum

LG’s display technology at the Tellus Science Museum in Georgia is a recent example of how digital display technologies can transform spaces.

digital signage revenue source programmatic advertising

A New Digital Signage Revenue Source

Download this digital sigagne revenue guide to learn about how to educate potential buyers on making the most of their digital signage.

DGI Communications, VR room design platform

New Technology Means New Opportunities for AV Integrators

CI Summit panelists say 5G, 8K and 16K, augmented and virtual reality and a continued push for service models will carry AV integrators.

Planar EverCare

3 Questions About Planar EverCare with Executive VP Adam Schmidt

Planar executive VP Adam Schmidt highlights how Planar EverCare Limited Lifetime Warranty program enhances the cause for LED.

digital signage CMS, Content Management System best practices

Why the Content Management System is Important and Some Best Practices

The match of the signage CMS to the application can be seamless. Here are some content management system best practices.

AR interaction

How AR, VR and XR Are Reshaping the World One Vertical at a Time

Healthcare, museums, retail and corporate leaders are just a few using the power of interaction to increase their reach and connection.

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