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How Integrators Can Implement More Sound Masking Solutions

Commercial Integrator surveyed its audience to learn more about how integrators implement sound masking solutions, and as it turns out education may be the biggest boon to installing more of these systems.

PureLink NOW, AV distribution

What’s In Store at PureLink NOW 2020?

What’s in store at PureLink NOW 2020 AV distribution event? Bryan Conforti, product manager for PureLink AV, clues us in.

Lencore sound masking

Q&A: Dan Jacobs of Lencore Acoustics on the State of Sound Masking

Lencore has long been a provider of audio system solutions for various environments, and after a recent acquisition that won’t be changing.

SI 2018 R2, D-Tools System Integrator

The AV Business Software for Those Who Want Service Contracts: 3 Questions with D-Tools

What AV business trends does software company D-Tools see in the industry, and how can their System Integrator software help you capitalize on them?


TechTrending: An Interview with NovaStar

Learn more about what NovaStar can provide to the integration market.

Barco webinar, video wall project

3 Questions with Barco: Choosing the Right Manufacturer for Video Wall Projects

Barco says they are a one-stop resource for video wall projects, from imaging devices to image processing, and even on-site services.

meeting room data

The Importance of Meeting Room Data: 3 Questions with Microsoft

Are your clients making the most of their meeting spaces? Microsoft answers our questions as the value of collecting meeting room data.

SaaS Software, FieldHub, SaaS Platform

Why Invest in an All-in-One Operations Platform?

On this edition of CI 3 Questions, we speak with Miles Fawcett, the CEO FieldHub, about why integrators should consider investing in a SaaS Platform.

Hall Research Versa-4K Polaris-1

World’s Capital of Poker Updates Video Distribution

Hall Research Versa-4K & Polaris-1 combine for a scalable video and control solution at a Los Angeles casino featuring the largest cardroom in the world.

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