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selling direct-view LED displays

How to Sell Direct-View LED Displays to Customers

While direct-view LED displays can carry a higher price tag than LCD video walls or projection systems, explaining the return on investment to potential customers can help justify the added cost.


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Watch One Lucky Integrator React to Winning A Motorcycle at InfoComm

The integration company leader who won the free motorcycle from AtlasIED at InfoComm 2019 describes how winning it brought him closer to the company.

NEC ALP, facial detection

NEC ALP Uses Facial DETECTION — Not Recognition — To Make Your Signage More Marketable

The difference between facial detection and facial recognition is significant to your signage customers. NEC ALP uses the former.

collaboration audio

What the Collaboration Audio Market Looks Like Right Now and How To Address It: Tips From Shure

If there’s one word that sums up the collaboration audio market right now, it’s “ecosystem.” Learn more about providing audio ecosystems with Shure.

projection screens

The Importance of Educating Customers on Projection Screens

A projection system can be a huge benefit to customers of integration firms. They produce larger images at a lower cost than flat panel equivalents. They are often easily maintained and adjusted. They can be scaled up to fit multiple rooms. They fit about any indoor environment. However, what many integrators forget (and many customers […]

audio visual integrators, Premier Mounts InfoComm, Premier Mounts, LED display mounts

What Manufacturers Should Do for Audio Visual Integrators, According to Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts is successful not just because it makes quality products, but because it offers audio visual integrators guidance where most companies don’t.

Quicksilver AV system, Mad Systems

3 Questions for Mad Systems: Quicksilver All-in-One AV System

Mad Systems has created a new all-in-one AV system, Quicksilver, that the AV integration firm is selling to other AV integrators. CI sat down for 3 questions with Maris Ensing, creative technology consultant for Mad Systems, to learn more.

Netgear m4300 IP switching

NETGEAR Proves it’s Not Just a Home Router Company by Taking the Complexity Out of IP Switching

It’s NETGEAR’s position that IP switching in the commercial space needs to be simpler. Here’s how they say they’ve done it.

mass notification

The Behavioral Science Behind Mass Notification

Understanding the research behind code- and psychology-based mass notification system design best practices can help security and AV companies deliver effective solutions.

Premier Mounts at InfoComm 2019: What We Learned

Sure, Premier Mounts was primarily at InfoComm 2019 to showcase its product offerings, but it also learned a few things about its customers and the industry.