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UltraSense Systems

New Ultrasound Technology Could Make Any Surface Touch-Sensitive

UltraSense Systems launches ultrasound technology on a chip it says can make any just about surface into a touch-sensitive one.

Xenoma e-skin

Xenoma e-skin Lets Users Put the WEAR in ‘Wearables’

With Zenoma e-skin, sensors are stitched into clothing and can help monitor vital signs and other valuable biometric data.

Internet of Senses

The ‘Internet of Senses’ will Let Machines Respond to Our Thoughts… In Ten Years??

Research suggests the Internet of Senses – the theorized platform where devices read and respond to thoughts – is coming by the year 2030.

Smart Home Standards

Big Tech Is Developing Standards For Smart Homes

Google, Amazon, Apple and The Zigbee Alliance form working group to develop smart home device connectivity standards to increase compatibility.

DJ Wi-Fi, Denon DJ

Finally, DJs Don’t Need To Bring Their Laptops Anymore

Denon DJ has released new products that allow DJ players to connect directly to WiFi rather than having to use a laptop or other connected device.


5G Networks Are Here

Telecommunications providers have begun rolling out 5G networks. Here’s a rundown of which networks are available in U.S. cities.


What AV Integrators Can Learn from Dexcom Diabetes Monitor Glitch

Feature on Dexcom glucose monitors that sends alerts to parents when children’s blood sugar gets too low stops working—and company didn’t notify anyone.

T-Mobile 5G

T-Mobile’s 5G Network Is Here

T-Mobile claims to be the first major carrier to unveil a nationwide 5G network. AV integrators should start taking 5G seriously.

Zume Dough-Bots

Zume Dough-Bots Can’t Deliver on Promise of Better Pizza in a High-Tech Way

Silicon Valley pizza startup Zume dumps robots after complaints about the taste of the pies they were making became too much to overcome.