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software employee tracking

Five Ways Employee Tracking Software Can Help AV Business Leaders

Software can help to find when your employees are most productive, prevent burnout and give them the tools they need to succeed at work.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies: The Hidden Superstars of Every Production Line

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products boasts decades of innovation when it comes to keeping some of the biggest and smallest companies running.

Q-SYS Reflect

QSC Announces New Cloud Management Capabilities and Processing Options

Q-SYS Reflect Enterprise Manager offers new features for MSPs and end users while new Q-SYS Core 8 Flex and Core Nano processors shipping.

Smart Cushions

Smart Cushions Take Data Collection to Controversial Extremes in China

Touted as health monitors, smart cushions were instead used to track how long employees were away from their desks or not working.

Managed Service Provider Cybersecurity, cybersecurity basics for business

FBI Says ‘Swatting Attacks’ Targeting Smart Home Devices are on the Rise

The FBI warns of swatting attacks, or hoax calls made to emergency services, via AV-capable home surveillance devices.

AV Integrators Cybersecurity

A Supply Chain Compromise Like SolarWinds Should Concern the AV Industry

The SolarWinds compromise is wreaking havoc on the tech industry, and AV integrators need to start having more conversations about cybersecurity practices.

new NHL Puck with analytics

NHL Puck Goes High-Tech for 2021 Season in the Name of Analytics

New National Hockey League puck will feature embedded battery, circuit board and six tubes that emit infrared light at 60 pulses per second.


Handsteco AI-Enabled Wash Basin Available for Pre-Orders Ahead of 2021 Launch

Medic-lead launching Handsteco AI-enabled wash basin at virtual CES 2021 show in January with release scheduled next year.

Shure Huddly

Shure, Huddly Collaborate On Networked System Product Bundles

Audio solutions provider Shure and AI-powered camera maker Huddly are collaborating on a new set of networked system product bundles.

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