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The Reality Of Artificial Intelligence

As you peruse trends in commercial AV and digital signage one common denominator is the frequent mention of artificial intelligence.

Cybersecurity Integrators

Why Integrators Need To Start Taking Cybersecurity Seriously

Thanks to a recent spate of cyberattacks, drumming up new business could soon require integrators to harden their cyber defenses.

Control System Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks Against OT, Control Systems Increasing

Cybersecurity company FireEye says cybersecurity attacks against operational technology (OT) and control systems are increasing.

AI Conference Room

‘Hey Alexa, Start My Meeting’

Manufacturers, unified communications providers and AI experts think virtual assistants will become a standard component of meeting rooms.

AtlasIED Announces Version 2.0 of Software for Atmosphere Digital Audio System

Updated Atmosphere software offers enhanced customization of music delivery, support of bell scheduling and post-installation service.

European Grocery Store Implements AI-Based Fresh Produce Recognition Technology

Pixevia offering European SMEs a fully tested version of this AI product recognition and maintenance technology.

IoT Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Uncovers Vulnerabilities In 25 Widely Used IoT Real-Time Operating Systems

Cybersecurity officials and experts are warning of vulnerabilities found in 25 widely used real-time operating systems powering IoT devices.

Mall Of The Emirates

Futuristic Mall of the Emirates Store Incorporates Smart Mirror

THAT store in Dubai enhances shopping experience with Icon Multimedia smart mirror that lets shoppers immerse themselves.

IoT Vulnerabilities

New Report Says Millions of IoT Devices Are Vulnerable To Compromise

At least 100 million IoT devices are prone to Denial of Service or Remote Code Execution attacks, a new report says.