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Don’t Be The Next Data Breach Scapegoat

As AV integrators adopt a managed services model, they should train staff on cybersecurity, hire dedicated IT staff and look into cybersecurity insurance.

Ah-CHOO! Workplace Studies Provide More Insight into Your Co-Workers and Their Habits

The effect of bad bosses on your staff, how many workers come to work sick and the number of daydreamers you might have coming up with your next big idea.


5G Networks Are Here

Telecommunications providers have begun rolling out 5G networks. Here’s a rundown of which networks are available in U.S. cities.

AV Integrator Cybersecurity

AV Integrators: Cybersecurity Lapses Could Cost You Big Time

As AV moves to a service-based model and merges with IT, integrators should be aware that MSPs are becoming a valuable target of cybercriminals.

facial detection vs. facial detection, facial detection technology

Facial Recognition vs. Facial Detection: What Integrators Need to Know

What’s the difference between facial recognition and facial detection technology? It may just be great enough to earn you more clients.

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The AI Behind Instagram’s ‘Explore’ Recommendations Tab

Instagram AI used to help its Explore function make custom recommendations focuses on matching users with accounts, not individual posts. Here’s how.

LookingGlass Concierge, Mad Systems

Mad Systems Gets Patent for LookingGlass Concierge Facial Recognition Technology

LookingGlass Concierge facial recognition technology helps to identify and locate people, then logs them into a group to improve customer service.

Solutionz; May 2016: Commercial Integrator, Unified Technology Systems

2019 Integrator of the Year Solutionz Finalizes Purchase of Unified Technology Systems

Solutionz’s acquisition of Unified Technology Systems expands parent company’s already-strong market share in southeastern U.S.

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Can Internet Outages Be An Opportunity for Integrators? Episode 83 of AV+

Just this past summer, there were a number of major internet outages that affected almost everyone that uses the internet. A Google Cloud outage occurred on June 2 which knocked service for most on the U.S. east coast, affecting third-party sites like Discord, Snap and Vimeo, as well as Google’s Gmail and Nest. On July […]

Cards Against Humanity AI

Do You Like ‘Cards Against Humanity?’ Check Out Their Latest AI Stunt

In their latest stunt, Cards Against Humanity used AI to write new cards — & then pitted the machine against human writers’ creations.