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What Percentage of Your Revenue Should Be Managed AV Services? Ep. 47 of AV+

On episode 47 of AV+, NSCA director tells us what percentage of their revenue they should have under managed AV services contracts.

Subscription Economy, PSNI Supersummit

How to Reframe Your AV Business for the Subscription Economy

PSNI Supersummit keynote speaker Tien Tzuo told attendees they need to scrap the product-based mentality; go for recurring, or ‘Subscription Economy’.

Video Walls installation

AV Industry Advice on Installing Video Walls in 2019

A well-rounded group of 12 AV professionals provide their precious pieces of advice on selling & installing video walls in a competitive market.

NSCA, AV integrators, small business regulations

NSCA: We Are Under Attack By Proposed Legislation and You Must Act

A cluster of regulatory legislation that could negatively affect the integration business is on the docket. During its annual NSCA Member Meeting at the 2019 Business & Leadership Conference, the trade organization will ask integrators to step up.

video walls, video wall market

The Video Walls Market in 2019

CI Research shows impressive revenue growth from an opportunity to sell video walls to expanding customer group. Here are the important insights.

audiovisual ROI, tech projects

Tracking Audiovisual ROI for Tech Projects: Read How from Industry Pros

Tracking the audiovisual ROI on tech projects is more than just important data; it’s essential to a fulfilling use of project funds.

AV Experiences, effortless experiences

Create Effortless AV Experiences–Or You’ll Lose Customers

PSNI Supersummit keynote speaker Matt Dixon on how effortless AV experiences keep customers coming back — & how high-effort interactions drives them away.

MSE Audio Dante, Shure Customer Experience Center

Shure Customer Experience Center Employs MSE Audio Dante-Enabled Speakers

The Shure Customer Experience Center in Chicago showcases a variety of Shure gear, and powering its demonstrations are MSE Audio Dante-enabled speakers.

Revit BIM, Building Information Modeling, Herman Integration Services

Herman Integration Services Now Offers Revit BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Integrators can offer Revit BIM (Building Information Modeling) to their customers through partnership with Herman Integration Services.