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The Cool Factor: How to Create Lasting Customer Experiences, Not Just Products

A business that provides an experience to its clients, not just products and solutions, is more likely to develop a lasting and trusting relationship with them.

Video Weekly News: What’s the Impact of Diversified’s Recent Acquisitions?

By acquiring Technical Innovation and The Systems Group, Diversified has enhanced its global footprint and broadcast capabilities in the New Jersey area.

Interactive Digital Outdoor Campaign May Save You a Doctor’s Visit

Installed outside of a Warsaw shopping plaza in Poland, GlaxoSmithKline’s Theraflu digital display allows pedestrians to take their temperatures.

Diversified Follows Technical Innovation Deal with The Systems Group Acquisition

Move for $30-million Hoboken, NJ-based firm strengthens Diversified’s position as leader in broadcast consulting, design and integration services.

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Industry

Kevin Freiberg tells NSCA BLC attendees about the importance of differentiation in a world where customers think most integrators are interchangeable.

Do Your Customers Really Know What You’re Selling?

Try a new approach to highlighting your value proposition and selling the value of your company as a whole, not just a specific product or service.

Inside an Operation Center’s Switch from Desktops to Video Walls

Iowa Communications Network leverages Christie flat panels and Christie Phoenix nodes to create carrier-grade monitoring center.

You’re Five Steps Away from Business Greatness

‘Great by Choice’ co-author Morten Hansen outlines five steps to achieving more with your company at NSCA Business and Leadership Conference.

Advanced AV’s John Greene Earns #BLC2016 Twitter Honors

His mix of humor and insight, along with help from an old BLC friend, helps Greene earn top prize from 2016 Business and Leadership Conference.

The Modern Workforce: How to Get the Most Out of Millennial Employees

In order for Millennials to succeed in helping businesses grow, companies need to communicate clear expecations and provide adequate training to Millennial workers.

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