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Caption Contest: Why Are These Integrators Submerged in Water?

Do you have the best caption for this clever photo? Share it with us!

How to Run a Successful Business in Paradise

Hawaiian security integrator IST overcomes challenges of keeping talent and finding customers, and expects to keep growing in the next decade under a well-traveled, highly regarded husband-and-wife management team.

How Almo Pro A/V Is Eliminating ‘No’ from Integrators’ Vocabularies

Almo Pro A/V launches Bandwidth Services allowing integrators to sell connectivity to customers and earn monthly commissions.

The Secret to Video Walls Looking Good on TV

Samsung says its UDE-S Series 55-inch Direct-Lit LED Video Wall Display, which it showed off at Almo Pro A/V’s E4 event, is designed specically for broadcast applications.

Video Weekly News: InFocus Buys Jupiter, Dell Buys EMC, Happy AV Month to All

Editor-at-large Craig MacCormack weighs in on InFocus’ acquisition of Jupiter Systems, Dell’s move to acquire EMC, and our favorite holiday: AV Month.

Extron True4K: Yea or Nay?

Manufacturer’s program is aimed at creating transparency and clarity for products’ 4K-related specifications. Integrators and consultants weigh in on its effectiveness.

Dell Acquires EMC Corp. in Record-Setting $67B Deal

Acquisition of Massachusetts-based data storage giant would be largest ever in technology, sets up one-stop shop for large customers.

Herman Partners with ZeeVee to Deliver Video & Signal Technology

New cooperation will provide ZeeVee’s multimedia content over coax, CATx and fiber to Herman’s integrator partners.

Target the Right Customers for Cloud Services

Instead of focusing on customers who will shoot you down, start focusing on accounts and individuals who are open to change.

6 Steps to Hiring a Sales Superstar

Technology sales, especially managed services sales, require special techniques to fuel success. Here’s how to hire people who can truly deliver great sales numbers.

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