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InFocus Acquires Jupiter Systems, Expands Collaboration Portfolio

InFocus follows last week’s announcement of Mark Housley as CEO with the acquisition of video wall and enterprise collaboration firm Jupiter Systems.

Middle Atlantic Celebrates AV Month with Training & Education Program

Company’s offering includes weekly webinars and in person AV Academy training sessions.

USAV and Prosouce Brainchild CI Edge Begins Accepting Members

Collaborative group intended to support $3M to $10M commercial integrators officially begins accepting members, providing an ‘edge’ in the market.

Take a Virtual Tour of Millennium Tower Boston

Prysm Olympic video wall helps sell space in the luxury Millennium Tower, taking visitors and potential customers through a virtual tour of the building.

4 Pillars of Successful Digital Signage Campaigns

Integrators have the ability to provide guidance and advice to digital signage customers even after the display is up and running.

8 Secrets of Successful New Managers

So you’ve been promoted to a leadership position. Are you prepared for the challenges ahead?

InfoComm in Background as AV Month 2015 Kicks Off

Officials say they’re looking to ‘reimagine’ best ways to promote and celebrate industry in 2016, sitting out leadership this year.

7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Sales Rep

Make sure you have these tools in place that will help your new sales representative thrive once he or she hits the desk.

Why Combining Commercial, Residential Automation Is Easy

At least Digital Home Technologies makes it look easy with an Elan implementation at a senior living facility.

5 Best Practices to Design Effective Sales Quotas

To keep things on track, you need to stay on top of ‘real-time’ goals. Here are five areas to assign sales quotas in order to keep your team on schedule for success.

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