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videoconferencing etiquette tips

Here’s a Videoconferencing Etiquette Guide We Should All Follow

AV Solutions founder Matt Slack outlines the basic videoconferencing etiquette you should follow to ensure a successful meeting.

AV Industry Relief Resources

AV Industry Group Connects Industry Pros Impacted by Coronavirus Outbreak

AV Industry Relief Resources focused on helping AV industry professionals affected by COVID-19 pandemic to find ways and people to help them make a living.

Integrators, COVID-19

U.S. Government Labels Integrators as ‘Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers’ During Coronavirus Crisis

Department of Homeland Security issues guidelines that would enable pro AV integrators to continue their work during COVID-19.

D-Tools, AV Integration Businesses

D-Tools Has Suggestions for Integrators With More Time on Their Hands

Randy Stearns at D-Tools suggests integrators use downtime to clean databases, update websites, conduct trainings, and implement software.

pro AV podcast, AV+, AV news, commercial tech, pro AV, av podcast, AV plus podcast

Good News: There’s Something You Can Do to Stay Afloat: Episode 97 of AV+

We’re not going to lie, this is a serious time for many AV integration firms — but there are things they can do to stay afloat in this economy.

The Long-Term Benefits for AV—No, Really—of the Worldwide Coronavirus Outbreak

Building a generation of work-from-home experts and an increased focused on network security will be long-term positive outcomes of the global pandemic.


TEKVOX Introduces 81200-DLC Distance Learning Drop-In Solution

TEKVOX 81200-DLC distance learning drop-in solution allows for increased flexibility and accessibility when students and teachers can’t meet.

Roadie Rescue

Roadie Rescue Campaign to Help Live Event Pros Displaced by Coronavirus Cancellations

GoFundMe campaign created for freelancers affected by COVID-19-triggered cancellations will raise money to be dispersed through the MusiCares Foundation.

coronavirus spread, location tracking

Government Wants Big Tech to Help Quell Coronavirus Spread Through Location Tracking

Reports say government’s efforts to use location tracking to follow spread of COVID-19 isn’t about building federal database, but I have my doubts.

Serenova, CxEngage

Serenova Announces CxEngage Rapid Response Program to Accelerate Work-from-Home Deployments

Serenova CxEngage Rapid Response initiative helps large organization scale their contact centers into the cloud within 48 hours.

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