Sony displays at the IAAM.

IAAM Elevates African American Diaspora With Sony Technology

The International African American Museum (IAAM) used Sony’s technology to immerse visitors in the stories of the African American diaspora and facilitate a larger dialogue.

LEA Professional Pro Football Hall of Fame 1

LEA Professional Scores a Touchdown at the Pro Football Hall of Fame

LEA Professional’s CONNECTSERIES amps elevate the audio at Pro Football Hall of Fame’s conference space, ensuring every presentation is a touchdown.

Epson large venue projectors showcasing content on building.

Epson Laser Projectors Shine at Indiana Center for Performing Arts

The 12 Epson EB-PU2220B laser projectors provides around 240,000 lumens of brightness as part of the permanent projection-mapping installation.

Interior of Seoul Arts Center.

Genelec Enhances Recording Experience at Seoul Arts Center

Genelec helped Seoul Arts Center achieves its goal of recording top-class classical performances and enabling enhanced audio/video production.

Christie laser projectors used in illuminarium in Toronto

Christie Solutions Bring Illuminarium at Distillery District to Life

Christie RGB pure laser projection works behind the scenes at a new immersive entertainment venue in Toronto.

LaGuardia airport reconstruction atladied loudspeakers and microphones

LaGuardia Airport’s Emergency Communications Cleared for Takeoff with AtlasIED

LaGuardia airport upgraded its 1.3 million-square-foot Terminal B in 2022 with AtlasIED’s GLOBALCOM systems.

UDOT center with Sharp/NEC displays.

Sharp/NEC Displays Improves UDOT Traffic Security Ahead of Labor Day

After working with TVS Pro and Sharp/NEC, UDOT Traffic Operations Center now has a highly technological and capable display system to keep Utah’s roadways safe.

View of NexGen conference room outfitted by Logic Integration.

Logic Integration Revamps Building for NexGen

Logic Integration designed and installed audio, video, control, paging and music for NexGen Denver Tech Center.

Datapath Watchire Houstron Atros Team Store Halo Ring

Datapath & Watchfire: A Grand Slam for Houston Astros’ Stadium Store

Datapath and Watchfire teamed up to create a stunning ‘halo ring’ inside the store for Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros.

A manyfacturing plant tour at Siemens using PlantTours audio systems

How PlantTours Communications Solved a Communication Issue for Siemens Corporation

PlantTours equipped Siemens with all-in-one headsets, microphones and on-site help for a large manufacturing plant tour.