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Amazon web services cyber protection

Amazon Web Services Says Users’ Cyber Protection is Their Own Responsibility

Amazon Web Services, which has been criticized for not helping clients protect themselves, says there’s only so much it can do for client cyber protection.

School Security

How Can Technology Help Prevent School Shootings?

A new senate bill calls for schools to adopt more online surveillance tools to monitor students. The pro AV industry should also have a seat at the table.

Hacking, cyber crime

Thank Your IT Person for Protecting You and Not Hacking You

This story of an accomplished part-time fighter of cyber crime working in a computer repair shop is why you should value good IT more than you probably do.

Why You Need to Take the 2020 CI/NSCA State of the Industry Survey

Annual snapshot of the systems integration industry is nothing without your help. Take a few minutes to let us know how things are now and what you expect.

King Tut

King Tut Exhibition Moving to London After Record-Breaking Attendance in Paris

‘Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharoah’ exhibition will continue its worldwide tour in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Chicago, Japan and Australia.

Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is a Bigger Problem Than Ever Despite Constant Threats to Private Information

Most U.S. adults who took Pew Research Center digital literacy survey got more than half of the questions wrong, including cybersecurity and privacy issues.

Workplace Survey, Productivity Paradox

The “Productivity Paradox” of IT, Security, and AV

Does investing in hardware, software, security, collaboration tools, & audio visual systems actually decrease productivity? Ask the productivity paradox.

DoorDash breach

DoorDash Breach: Your Delivery, With a Side of Stolen Data

No matter how secure passwords are, there seems to be a hacker who can get into the back end of popular apps and services. Just look at the DoorDash breach.


Enplug Digital Signage Platform Integrates with Alertus Mass Notification System

Enplug integration with Alertus enables activation of emergency alert procedures using existing digital signage infrastructure