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email software vulnerability

Russian Military Hackers Behind Email Software Hack

NSA says Russian hackers known as the Sandworm team breached an email software vulnerability in the Exim Mail Transfer Agent.

BriefCam Video Analytics Monitors Physical Distancing, Face Masks

BriefCam video analytics feature ensures people in a given space are following physical distancing and mask-wearing procedure.

Seek Thermal Skin Temperature Screening, Seek Scan

Skin Temperature Screening System from Seek Thermal Bolsters Monitoring Efforts

Seek thermal skin temperature screening system called Seek Scan meets FDA guidelines for initial body temperature assessment.

Mall Robots

Bangkok Mall Deploys Fleet of Robots in Post-Pandemic Push for Safety

Thailand mall robots will act as assistants, take temperatures of shoppers with thermal scanners, and distribute hand sanitizer.

Identiv NFC-enabled

NFC-Enabled Body Temperature Measurement Patch Introduced by Identiv

Identiv solution uses a near field communication (NFC)-enabled transponder to instantly send temperature readings to NFC-enabled smartphones.

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AV Integrators Mulling How to Handle Costs Associated with New Post-Pandemic Operations

Integrators must consider whether to pass along new costs to customers or dig into profits, according to COVID-19 Impact Survey findings.

online access control training program

Paxton Offers New Online Access Control Training Program

This online access control training program is arranged by product, covering Paxton’s access control and door entry products.

pro AV integrators, Lottery

MA Lottery Commission Puts $1B at Stake in Refusal to Accept Online Bets

Reliance on paper tickets and cash transactions means the Massachusetts State Lottery could soon become ‘obsolete.’ Is that what you want for your business?

audiovisual industry, tech integration industry

How COVID-19 Has Changed Security (According to Integrators)

Security integrators & market analysts predict enormous demand for security solutions after coronavirus tunnel. Here’s what the industry says.

E4 Evolution

AV Integrators Embrace Changes Ahead in ‘New Abnormal’ Post-Coronavirus

Almo E4 Evolution panelists say videoconferencing will remain crucial and working from home will become the norm after COVID-19 dissipates.

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