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Openpath Wave to Unlock, reduce common touch points

Openpath ‘Wave to Unlock’ Feature Reduces Touch Points

Openpath’s Wave to Unlock feature helps reduce common touch points and allows a contactless user experience from safe distance.

drones coronavirus

Will The Coronavirus Boost the Use of Robots & Drones for Security?

Drones can conduct patrols without the use of personal protection like facemasks. Will clients ask for these solutions after coronavirus?

Connect-XT from Alula ‘First Ever’ Remote Installed, 5G-Ready Sunset Fix

Alula CAT-m1 cellular card interacts with Simon panel interface to provide full sensor status, system status, and arming controls.

Our Return to Work Could Take Some Adjustment of Expectations

Whenever we return to the offices we called our home away from home, there are going to be lots of noticeable differences from our last visits.

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Optimism Increasing About Return to More Regular AV Work

AVIXA COVID-19 Impact Survey results show preparations for steadier workflow in UCC, life safety, content distribution, digital signage and visualization.

Going Back to Work—or Anywhere—Could Soon Come with a Price: Privacy

Temperature scans and social distance monitoring means we’re going to be watched by technology more than ever in a whole new way.

Teleportivity, Remote Support Technology

How to Keep Every Aspect of Your Business Healthy with Remote Support Technology

Teleportivity’s importance grows with power to share documents, videos, forms and other communication tools whenever and wherever you need it.

Cybersecurity Operations Centers

The Response to COVID-19: Cybersecurity Operations Centers

Continuing to closely explore various types of installations that are among the most important at cybersecurity operations centers right now.

technology gaps

Filling Technology Gaps is a Critical Part of Your Coronavirus Response Plan

Carousel Industries CIO and chief security officer Jason Albuquerque outlines the second phase of ensuring you fill tech gaps during and after the pandemic.


Diversified Releases VitalSign Public Safety Enhancing Digital Signage Solution

Diversified VitalSign digital signage solution leverages advanced infrared temperature technology to detect elevated temperatures from three feet away.

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