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3D Projection of Game of Thrones Dragon Is Booed by Crowd in Philly

The 3D animated projection of Denerys Targaryen’s dragon, from the popular HBO series Game of Thrones, was underwhelming for a group of spectators in Dilworth Park, Philadelphia.

Alice Gustafson

People expect a lot from projection mapping these days; you only need to glance at this phenomenal projection display of Cecil the Lion on the Empire State building to see what the technology is capable of.

Spectators in Dilworth Park, Philadelphia, must also have been aware of what’s truly possible with building projection at a recent launch event, celebrating the fact that popular HBO series Game of Thrones Season 5 has been released on Blu-Ray (in Dolby Atmos, no less).

The crowd started booing the 3D animated projection of Denerys Targaryen’s dragon, although moments before, seeming to enjoy it.

One spectator comments: “Philly is a tough crowd! Hard to please.” Others can be heard shouting, “It doesn’t look good!”

See the crowd’s reaction to the projection mapping below:


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This article was originally published on Commercial Integrator Europe.