Spotlight on InfoComm 2019

5 Steps to More Engaging Meetings

Inviting the right people, using collaborative tools and reducing delays to the start of a meeting are just a few ways to get employees more engaged in meetings.

Today’s workplaces demand engaging, interactive experiences. As an integrator, you are called on by your clients to fulfill these demands and deliver on each and every job.

These 5 steps will get folks re-engaged in the conference room.

STEP 1: A-List

67 percent of workers say fewer than half the meetings they attend are worth their time. Make sure you only invite people to your meeting who need to be there and who will offer useful input.

STEP 2: Kick Start

Get your meeting going! Valuable time can be wasted trying to get technology to work and multiple devices to connect to the meeting room system. Up to 95 percent of meetings start over 10 minutes late, which means they start with bored and negative attitudes.

STEP 3: Be Prepared

Don’t keep the purpose of the meeting a secret. There are three types of meetings: Decision-making, information sharing and brainstorming. Sometimes information sharing can lead to brainstorming which in turn leads to decision-making. Let people know what to expect. Prepared participants provide better input.

STEP 4: ClickShare

Intuitive collaboration tools like Barco ClickShare make it easy for everyone to share their data, content and ideas, to create powerful, positive output.

STEP 5: Results

Successful collaborative meetings produce exciting results that everyone can get behind.

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