9 InfoComm Products That Will be Hot in Higher Ed

From collaboration systems to interactive projectors, this roundup features must-have technology for colleges and universities.>

Jessica Kennedy
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For higher education, InfoComm 2015 was a smorgasbord of new devices. The show was home to the latest and greatest technologies, and the breeding ground of new ways to use those technologies as teaching tools.

Based on these nine products, it appears that higher education is looking for bigger, more interactive displays, 4K quality content, and the power to control specific settings with one swipe of the finger.

Some industry experts, like President and CEO of the Sextant Group, Mark S. Valenti, say products like these are trending like wild fire in higher education.

“Classrooms have been tremendously different for the last 20 years,” said Valenti during the InfoComm 2015 seminar called ‘Future Trends for Higher Education.’ “It’s a whole new paradigm. The technology we’re engaged with makes this real, and not just a conversation.”

Valenti said technologies like these also spark and enhance learning trends, such as the flipped classroom and distance learning.

“We’re going to put the learning on the student, not the teacher,” he said. “[In] blended learning case studies, they significantly redesign and increase student learning outcomes and increase student performance while reducing instructional costs.”

Valenti also said these technologies and trends are mixing the concrete for the future infrastructure of learning in higher education; however, the foundation won’t be poured until today’s K-12 students step foot on a college campus.

“[Colleges] are scaling educational experiences to stay economically viable,” he said. “No one knows what the institution of the future looks like, but it’s going to be completely different than today … Elementary students are going to be college students one day, and the way they learn is going to be different. We’re moving from ‘trend’ to the ‘new way.‘”

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