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Accessorize Reopens in Style with Help from Engage Works and SFD

Decorated with LED rods and panels by which a mixture of dynamic and Instagram-friendly content is streamed, Accessorize’s new flagship store boasts a fresh look and attracts and engages customers through interactive display technology.

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Accessorize’s new flagship store at Westfield, White City, London has reopened in “Instagram-friendly” style – with the company leaning on visual merchandising and interactive creative solutions agencies Engage Works and SFD to help with the relaunch.

Following the successful launch of sister brand Monsoon’s flagship store, which saw the brand employ the use of digital generative art (created by Engage), Accessorize was keen to launch its new flagship store to give a fresh look that attracted and engaged customers in store.

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Accessorize’s concept primarily focuses on LED rods and panels, through which a mixture of dynamic and Instagram-friendly content is streamed.

Upon entering the store, shoppers are met with 316 vertically hanging LED rods which amount to twice the height of The Shard, drawing upon and reflecting corresponding colours and textures from the season’s collections.

The panels editorialize both the store front and in-store walls to reflect the retailer’s seasonal collections and draw shoppers into the store.

The work also extends to the cash desk, where shoppers are greeted with further campaign based interactive content.


They are able to choose the store’s playlist and are encouraged to curate their own individual Trend Edits by swiping content ‘cubes’ on a bespoke iPad App which is then published and displayed throughout the store, further personalizing their shopping experience and facilitating brand engagement.

Steve Blyth, founder and CEO at Engage Works notes, “After the highly-successful launch of the new Monsoon flagship store, we were thrilled to be asked to work on sister store Accesorize’s re-launch. As with Monsoon, it was highly important to create a visually stunning store front to attract customers in.

“In an age where social media rules, it was vital that all content was highly Instagram-friendly, to ensure that it had a high reach. Our interactive content is also hugely beneficial, as it not only facilitates brand engagement on the part of the customer, but also allows the customer to feed-back concepts to the brand.”

James Davies, head of new business at SFD, adds, “We were delighted to work on our first project with the team at Accessorize, and with our long standing partners, Engage Works. We knew from the outset that this was a captivating concept, and although there were a number of technical challenges the team are incredibly proud of the final result.”

This article was originally posted on Commercial Integrator Europe.

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