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AmpliVox Creates YouTube Demo Videos for Dealers

The new and ongoing Dealer Video Playlist from AmpliVox educates dealers and consumers on the company’s products, including lecterns, sound systems, and megaphones.

CI Staff

AmpliVox Sound Systems has created an online video playlist aimed toward dealers, consumers, and those interested in learning more about the company’s sound equipment and presentation furniture.

The videos will be hosted on AmpliVox’s YouTube channel. The company says the videos will “provide clear, instructive demonstrations of a wide range of AmpliVox products, including lecterns, sound systems, and megaphones.”

The duly named Dealer Video Playlist will showcase the features of each product, offer advice on choosing the best one for a specific application, and help dealers advise clients on products and equipment.

“Our videos are instructive and helpful for dealers and customers alike,” says Don Roth CEO of AmpliVox.  “They bring our products to life by placing them in real-world settings and by illustrating how our innovative features are put to use.”

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The playlist currently contains over 40 short videos, each highlighting a particular product or category. Voice-over and captions work together to educate viewers, and each video is equipped with links below to allow viewers to find more details on the AmpliVox website.

The videos for Contemporary Lecterns and Acrylic Lecterns, for example, showcase the many options available for these versatile lines of presentation furniture and demonstrate their use in a variety of real world settings. Specialized videos present product assembly tips, field demonstrations, and multimedia device integration ideas.

“We’ve designed our YouTube channel to be a comprehensive resource for our dealer network,” says Roth.  “It makes it easy for dealers to show their customers all the advantages that come with AmpliVox products. We look forward to growing our video collection to encompass the great variety and quality that we offer.”

Along with the Dealer Video Playlist, AmpliVox’s YouTube Channel also includes product testimonials from customers and tips for effective public speaking presentations.

This is one of AmpliVox’s many videos, entitled “Multimedia Lecterns: Integrating Multimedia Presentations with Options and Accessories.”

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