AOPEN Collaborates with Google on Chrome OS Digital Signage Devices

Three commercial-grade digital signage devices based on Google’s Chrome OS platform are set to released in Q2 2015.

CI Staff

AOPEN, a Taiwan-based digital signage solutions manufacturer with U.S. offices located about 10 miles from Google’s headquarters in Mountainview, Calif., has collaborated with the Internet and IT giant to release three Google Chome OS-friendly digital signage devices at Digital Signage Expo 2015 in Las Vegas.

AOPEN says the three new devices—Chromebox Commercial, Chromebase Commercial 19-inch and the Chromebase Commercial 22-inch— will be released during Q2 2015

The Chromebox Commercial is small-form device that can power digital displays and vertical applications such as kiosks or public transport information systems, according to AOPEN. The Chromebase Commercial devices are an all-in-one touch display device.

“Google shares our vision for open standards and encouraging multiple app providers,” says AOPEN corporate director Stephen Borg in a press release.

“Retailers of all sizes are increasingly embracing digital signage, and the new products we are developing with Google will be powerful but still affordable. We’ve already seen big developer interest in Chrome OS as a platform for digital signage apps, and we’re excited to bring new managed commercial Chrome devices to market.”

AOpen has collaborated with Google to launch three Google Chome OS-friendly digital signage devices.

Google Device

More on the new Google Chrome OS digital signage devices from AOPEN’s press release:

All three devices will be sold with one year of Chrome management, making them extremely easy to deploy, use and manage in distributed environments. These devices are designed to be extra rugged, and come with data and device security for in-store customer engagement. The new devices from AOPEN come with 3 year warranties that are designed for round the clock, 24/7 use.  The commercial Chrome devices are also solid-state and have powered ports which support industry vertical applications.

Featuring hardware-level security, Chrome OS is not only stable and reliable but more importantly, is an ideal platform for centrally-deployed and managed signage applications.

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