Apple Retail Store Shows Off $1.5 Million Giant 6K Display

Designed by UK architecture firm Foster + Partners, the San Francisco-based Apple retail store features a 35ft wide 6K display on its second floor, covering most of the back wall inside the store.

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Apple‘s latest retail store in San Francisco has swung open its doors to customers and it features some rather unique design elements that have been wowing visitors to the location – including a gigantic 6K display.

Designed by UK architecture firm Foster + Partners, the store’s signature feature is the 42ft tall glass sliding doors that make up the entrance to the company’s latest retail store. Many users have been equally excited about the 6K display that adorns the second floor, covering most of the back wall inside the store.

Photos: Apple’s San Francisco Retail Store

Reportedly costing $1.5m (£1m), the video wall measures 35ft wide and completely dominates the ‘Forum’ area of the store. The video wall will be put to good use as well, with Apple inviting in a range of experts to discuss a variety of topics with its customers, including photography, programming and starting a business.

Describing the new store, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and online stores, Angela Ahrendts, notes: “Fifteen years ago today Apple opened its first two stores and we’re thrilled to mark the occasion with the opening of Apple Union Square in San Francisco.

“We are not just evolving our store design, but its purpose and greater role in the community as we educate and entertain visitors and serve our network of local entrepreneurs.”

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Apple is a company who treats its retail locations as more than just a place to sell products. That’s completely obvious in its Union Street location, with the company having opened a new public plaza which allows people to come into the outdoor location to chill, learn and enjoy free Wi-Fi.

Unlike the store, the public plaza will also be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for all those in the community to enjoy. It’ll also be the place Apple will host regular acoustic performances from local bands, which is sure to delight those visiting the store.

“We have a deep commitment to the cities we work in, and are aware of the importance that architecture plays in the community,” notes Jonathan Ive, Apple’s chief design officer.

“It all starts with the storefront — taking transparency to a whole new level — where the building blends the inside and the outside, breaking down barriers and making it more egalitarian and accessible.”

The new store is powered by 100% renewable energy, including power produced by photovoltaic panels integrated into the building’s roof.

While this new design concept has already opened up in San Francisco, the company has already signalled its intentions to roll out similar models globally. It notes that the public plaza will become a feature of its most significant stores, meaning some of those located in European cities could one day also feature an outdoor area that is open 24/7.

Article originally published on CI Europe.