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AptoVision Puts 4K Streaming Codecs to the Test at InfoComm 2016

The chipset maker conducts interactive, head-to-head demonstrations of several widely-adopted codecs at InfoComm 2016, including AptoVision’s BlueRiver NT+ technology.

CI Staff

AV chipset technology maker AptoVision is conducting interactive, head-to-head demonstration of several widely-adopted codecs for AV-over-Ethernet applications, including its own BlueRiver NT+ technology during InfoComm 2016.

Attendees get a chance to compare video quality, latency and bandwidth requirements for AV signal distribution and ask questions to AptoVision’s engineering staff. Topics could include H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, MJPEG, VC-2, DSC and inter-frame vs. intra-frame encoding.

“We put together this demonstration to overcome common misconceptions about AV-over-IP including the impact of compression on video quality and the effect of latency on usability,” says Justin Kennington, AptoVision’s director of strategic and technical marketing.

“Visitors to our booth will be pleased to discover they don’t need to make compromises. They can have zero latency and flawless image quality on a standardized, easily manageable, low-cost Ethernet infrastructure.”

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