Are You Creating Exceptional Experiences?

Industry insiders talk about how they’re achieving the most-discussed goal of InfoComm’s strategic plan.

Creating exceptional experiences is more important than ever, says Carter.

“It’s not enough to create a ‘good enough’ experience,” he says. “If we can’t create something better, we’re going to be challenged every day.”

The push to create those exceptional experiences will raise the expectations of clients and also bring them back, says Stoebner.

“Most people are going to want to have it more than once,” he says.

AV isn’t the only consideration of creating exceptional experiences, of course.

“Control systems have a big part in it, but it really depends on the user and what their needs are,” says Steve Greenblatt, founder of Control Concepts Inc. “If the control system isn’t done right, it can certainly spoil an exceptional experience.”

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One key of creating an exceptional experience with the control system, says Rich Fregosa of Fregosa Design, is “make it pretty first.”

“It’s got to work reliably and quickly but it’s got to be palatable first. That comes from research,” he says, comparing it to “eating with your eyes” when you go out to eat. “The boardroom is different than a classroom and they’re both different than an outdoor patio. But, no matter what room you’re talking about, you’re still dealing with someone who has an idea on how they want to use the system.”

With commercial jobs, you’re “catering to the masses,” says Greenblatt, while with residential jobs, “they generally get what they want.” Fregosa sees it as important to work with the design team and also talking to the client, asking several questions, such as whether they’re left- or right-handed and if they wear glasses to help guide his design and placement decisions.

To watch the full discussion about creating exceptional experiences and more, check out this AV Nation video:


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