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ATX Networks’ InfoComm Booth Packed with End-to-End IPTV Solutions

At this year’s InfoComm, ATX Networks shows off its VidiPlay solutions, including gateways, encoders, transcoders and middleware at booth #N1263.

As a designer, manufacturer, marketer and deliverer of end-to-end IPTV solutions, ATX Networks offers a broad array of products such as gateways, encorders, transcoders and middleware, and the company is taking full advantage of the opportunity to showcase all of these solutions at InfoComm 2016.

The VidiPlay system, which includes UCrypt gateways, DigiVu II encoders, VersAtive Pro transcoders and VidiPlay middleware, is being featured at ATX Network’s booth #N1263 as part of the company’s complete end-to-end IPTV solutions for local or private IP networks.

The system can include IP set-back boxes and Smart TV clients to deliver IP video to large format displays, as well as clients for PCs, tablets and mobile devices.

VidiPlay also manages client authentication and access control and provides client UI customization. It supports advanced features such as an interactive program guide (IPG), video on demand (VOD), network personal video recording (nPVR), digital signage and more.

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For integrators attending InfoComm this year, ATX Networks says the VidiPlay solutions are a must-see.

“Developing, delivering and using IPTV systems is efficient, easy and inexpensive when compared to traditional RF based video distribution systems,” says Tom Corzine, director of commercial and government sales for ATX Networks.

“IPTV systems enable a more feature rich experience for their users, compared to traditional RF systems.  ATX provides unmatched pre and post-sales and technical support, to ensure integrators have sufficient information to maximize their efficiency.  We pride ourselves on our ability to help integrators identify, develop and deliver the best solutions and service to their end user clients.”

VidiPlay utilizes gateways for live TV content ingest, encoders for local content and transcoders for additional video processing to build a comprehensive channel lineup for the local network.

UCrypt QAM to IP (Q2IP) gateway is designed to ingest content from any cable provider’s source signal in a space-efficient and cost-effective manner. This device can ingest up to 60 MPEG-2/H.264, HD/SD video streams and output them with Pro:Idiom encryption or in-the-clear IP format.

According to Corzine, the VidiPlay end-to-end IPTV solutions help to the simplify the way video content is managed, stored and delivered, making it available to all end users regardless of their technical level.

“Our products, plus our ability to educate and assist in solution development are key to helping integrators win more business.”

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