Audio-Technica ATUC-50 Makes Mark in Meeting Rooms, Conference Centers

Integrator STR-Miami says system perfect for the live-event production, many other applications.

CI Staff

Audio-Technica recently released its ATUC-50 digital wired discussion system.

Its close ties with STR-Miami, an integrator that focuses heavily on live event production, led the company to modify the product in a way that made STR-Miami happy and more successful.

STR-Miami’s work in services and design production for meetings, conventions, conferences, resorts, fashion shows and other special events throughout south Florida has led it to notice how often microphone connections can be inadvertently pulled out, but they’ve been able to adapt ATUC-50 for use in its live event installations, says purchasing manager Gary Grocher and technical director Mahesh Patel.

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According to Audio-Technica, the system’s 24-bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital audio delivers the following:

  • Clear and intelligible communication
  • Significantly increases meeting efficiency and effectiveness
  • Has the ability to record a meeting directly to a mass-storage device on the front of the control unit
  • Offers a choice of two gooseneck lengths
  • Has the ability to be configured via web remote control with settings able to be stored as presets for easy recall

“It looks great on tables and doesn’t obscure views, but its high sensitivity enables it to pick up delicate sound, so meetings always have high voice intelligibility,” says Patel.

“While it was developed for installed applications, we’ve also found it to be a great product for live-event production. The Phoenix connector in the back of this kind of microphone bases is prone to being pulled out. That’s not a problem in an installed situation, where the connector is protected. But it can become an issue in an event production scenario.”

More About Audio Technica’s ATUC-50 digital wired discussion system:

A-T came up with a solution in time for another large-scale corporate event at a Miami hotel: a new plate for the rear of the ATUC-50’s control unit that could also accommodate XLR and RCA jacks, eliminating the need for the Phoenix adapter, if desired, and providing a more secure cable connection. It was used to connect nearly 70 ATUC-50s for recent events at a hotel conference center and at the University of Miami.

The ATUC-50 system is designed for intuitive operation and plug-and-play functionality. The system provides 24-bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital audio for clear and intelligible audio. The system includes multi-mode operation, 12-band feedback suppressor and ability to record a meeting directly to a mass storage device on the front of the control unit and interpretation channels.

Employing standard Cat5 (and above) cables, a complete system can support up to 3 ATUC-50CU control units and 150 ATUC-50DU discussion units can be connected in either daisy chain or ring topology (for added redundancy) and controlled from any web browser with no need for additional software installation. Configuration via web remote control is simple and quick, with settings able to be stored as presets for easy recall.

The user-friendly design of the ATUC-50 and its extensive feature set make it ideal for applications throughout the corporate sector (including boardrooms and meeting rooms), government facilities, multilingual conference needs, hospitality (hotels, conventions, etc.), courts and judicial facilities, education, rental and more.

The Audio-Technica ATUC-50 wired digital discussion system is available now.

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