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Black Diamond Tiles from SI Enable Custom Screen Solutions

Screen Innovations’ (SI) Black Diamond Tiles are available in a choice of three gains, and the product is designed to maintain contrast and overall picture quality in a variety of ambient room environments.

Over in the world of residential, high-performance video Screen Innovations (SI) provided that market with a major shot in the arm when it introduced its multimedia room-friendly Black Diamond screen material.

The Skinny: Since that initial product launch several years ago, the company has added to its product line and entered the commercial market with its Black Diamond material designed to reject ambient light to maintain contrast levels, image brightness and color fidelity.

The Specs: Adding to its commercial line of Black Diamond products SI has introduced its Black Diamond Tile. SI says this modular solution offers the same features as its other Black Diamond products, including a choice of three gains (.8, 1.4, 2.7) and the added ability to form custom screen sizes and aspect ratios through a creative assembly system.

Because of the modular nature of the product, it packs and ships easily to save expense and labor. It can be installed into systems that require the screen to hang from cables in a suspension system, as well as traditional wall-mount situations.

Solutions: The SI Black Diamond Tiles can be used in boardrooms, classrooms, public spaces, retail spaces and other environments that require large screens and projection systems.