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Bringing 4 House of Worship Campuses Together

Technical Innovation wins the 2014 Integration Award in the house of worship category for their work at the 12Stone Church.

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The two teaching campus intercom systems are linked via IP over fiber and operate as a single large matrix.

The central campus main room is home to five Christie Digital HD20K projectors and the Sugarloaf campus is outfitted with three HD14Ks. There are more than a dozen additional Christie projectors deployed in the remote sites and smaller venues.

TI installed Fujitsu HD encoders and decoders at each location. Each 12Stone campus has a decoder and the two teaching campuses have enough encoder/decoder pairs to keep two HD video signals going in each direction at all times across the church’s fiber links. Audio is embedded prior to encoding and is disembedded at the output of the GV K2 Solos used for time slip and fed to the local house mixer at each venue.

12Stone uses Yamaha CL series front-of-house mixers at all locations. CL mixers are also found in the audio-for-video control rooms. The newest campus at Sugarloaf is the first to adopt Dante digital audio interconnection technology.

All audio sources, floor boxes and wireless receivers are wired to Dante-equipped stage boxes in the central equipment room and are available on all mixers at all times. There are no physical patches, microphone spits, stage snakes, etc. Each mixer has only an Ethernet cable in and out and a power cable.

The Sugarloaf campus also has one feature not found at any other campus — a “black box” television studio equipped with a full 6-by-6-foot grid, Litepanels LED lights, fiber camera interconnections, audio connections, three 16-foot tall cyc walls and room for a studio audience of 200. A flypack can be connected to a service panel allowing control of the local PA.

“We’re not huge fans of and don’t do a lot of copy-and-paste projects,” says Wright. “We prefer to stay fresh.”

12Stone is already planning to open five more campuses in rental spaces using flypacks by the first quarter of 2015, and church officials are eager to see how TI handles this next challenge.

“It’s a huge compliment when any company gives you repeat or referral business, and that’s where about three-quarters of our work comes from,” says Wright.

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