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Cambridge Sound Management Enables Individual Room Sound Masking

The new QtRC from Cambridge Sound Management allows users to control volume settings and sound masking level in individual spaces on a ‘micro-zone’ level.

Sound masking is often helpful in open office environments or anywhere sound might travel at an unwanted level.

Standard cube walls do little to prevent interruptions due to volume, and sometimes even your basic dry-wall doesn’t do the trick. Office chatter, print or fax machine noise, even other people’s typing can be awfully annoying when workers are trying to concentrate.

If you are not familiar with sound masking, it is a simple system that emits a small amount of background noise, sounding similar to the movement of air, from the ceiling or walls of a space. This background air is hardly noticeable unless you are listening for it, but it fills the empty space in a room so that other sounds seem subtler, less intense, even far off in the distance. It is a great volume control solution for corporate offices, museums, healthcare facilities, or anywhere you need things to be a little quieter.

One of the leading manufacturers in sound masking solutions, Cambridge Sound Management, has announced a new product that allows users to turn sound masking up or down in individual rooms without affecting other spaces nearby.

The system is called Qt Room Control (QtRC), and it is designed to work with any DtPro sound masking system from Cambridge Sound. The QtRC fits in most standard electrical boxes, including open back low voltage brackets, and is simple to install during new construction or retrofits. One QtRC can control up to eight QtPro emitters, allowing it to adjust sound masking in rooms up to 800 square feet in area.

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“Our customers notified us about occasional situations where it would be useful for sound masking to be controlled on a ‘micro-zone’ level,” says Mitch Nollman, vice president of sales at Cambridge Sound Management. “Along with QtPro, the QtRC gives our users yet another tool to gain greater control over office noise distractions.”

The system has six possible volume settings and allows for immediate volume control based on a particular room or space. Users in a private office desiring a reduction of outside distractions can turn their room’s sound masking up, while users in full conference rooms with a large distance between a talker and a listener can turn the sound masking down to ensure the talker is heard clearly.

“We see a lot of applications for the QtRC, particularly in the healthcare space where having increased control of sound masking can increase patient comfort and help caregivers keep conversations more private,” says Dean Hinton, president of Pro Tech Marketing, Cambridge Sound Management’s rep firm in the Mountain West.


  • Allows sound masking in a room to be turned up, down, or off with the turn of a knob
  • Elegant, simple design and easily customized with interchangeable faceplates
  • Decora centerplate, faceplate, and knob available in both white or ivory
  • Six separate volume settings
  • Compatible with any QtPro Sound Masking System
  • Controls up to eight QtPro emitters
  • Mounts in most standard electrical boxes, including open back low voltage brackets
  • Part of the GreenSpec listed, most energy efficient sound masking system available

Hear from Matt Ransom at Cambridge Sound about how the QtRC works:

According to Cambridge Sound Management, the QtRC is available now. To learn more about sound masking, click here.

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