CI Fantasy Football League: Week 1 Results and In-Depth Analysis

Read on if you’re interested in, 1.) CI Fantasy Football League week 1 results, 2.) want to read some “smack talk” from league commissioners or 3.) truly just want to waste your time.

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CI Fantasy Football League: Week 1 Results and In-Depth Analysis

As the calendar turns toward autumn, the AV market heats up and AV professionals’ calendars get filled. There’s the AVIXA AV Executive Conference, NSCA’s Pivot to Profit and, of course, Total Tech Summit. Autumn in AV tests our time management and prioritization. That makes it all the more impressive that 54 brave AV professionals have embarked on our third annual CI Fantasy Football League.

These folks truly know how to prioritize.

What could be more important than, for instance, than the team from Waveguide being able to brag about a 124.5 to 89.8 victory over CI publisher Ray Lyons’ team (ironically named “My Team Is Better”)?

Speaking of priorities, let’s get to …

Standings of CI Fantasy Football League after Week 1:

CI Fantasy Football: Group 1 (Commissioner Ray Lyons)
My Team’s Better (CI) 0-1
Digital Projection 0-1
Diversified 1-0
DigiDaybook 1-0
Waveguide 1-0
Savi Controls 0-1
Z-Wave 1-0
Canon Projectors 1-0
Speco Technologies 1-0
Brand Definition 0-1
T1V 0-1
Vanco 0-1

Week 1 Spin: “Is it too early to rethink my team name?” asks the commish. “Not a good start for CI after getting a beat down from Waveguide…but I had a pep talk with my team and week 2 is a lock! Great starts for Canon Projectors (175 points), Speco Technologies (153 points) and Diversified (151 points). Rounding out CI League 1 week one winners were DigiDaybook and Z-Wave, the latter of which eked out a 3.4 point victory in our closest game.”

CI Fantasy Football: Group 2 (Commissioner Shawn Tobin)
Banner Clique (CI) 1-0
La Grange Park Perfect Pixels 1-0
TecNec Titans 1-0
HDBaseT-Pain 1-0
WC BigTime 1-0
Team Mercil 1-0
Magic Skol Bus 0-1
Run Like a Gurley 0-1
Team Shelby 0-1
Team Stang 0-1
Team Wicka 0-1
Tampa Steelers 0-1

Week 1 Spin: 2017 Champion HDBaseT-Pain picks up right where he left off – leading the league with a score of 136.7 in a rout. Banner Clique, Team Mercil and WC Big Time round out the foursome of scores cracking the 100-mark in Week 1. 50 percent of this league was at CEDIA last week, so the in-person trash talk got an early start!

CI Fantasy Football: Group 3 (Commissioner Craig MacCormack)
Rolls Royce (Jim Caldwell) 1-0
The Lukes O Hazzard (Luke Jordan-EAVI) 1-0
Team Guhl (Jennifer Guhl-ANC) 1-0
Team Sansivero (Gina Sansivero-FSR) 1-0
Mac Daddies (Craig MacCormack-CI) 1-0
Team Means (Jimmy Means) 0-1
Team Durham (Scott Durham-Yorktel) 0-1
Guns N Rosens (James Ballard-Orbis) 0-1
Team Donnelly (Ryan Donnelly-Third Coast Tech) 0-1
A Case of the Mondays (Matt Camps-NETECH Corporation) 0-1

Week 1 Spin:  It took until the final game of the week for Craig MacCormack to once again show off his CI Fantasy Football dominance, pulling out a late victory thanks to Todd Gurley and the Rams defense. Is this a harbinger of a third consecutive CIFF championship?

CI Fantasy Football: Group 4 (Commissioner Tom LeBlanc)
Team LeBlanc (Commercial Integrator 1-0
Team Wells (CCS Presentation) 1-0
Can You Diggs It (Human Circuit) 1-0
Team Luisi (Diversified) 1-0
Skol Vikings (AVI Systems) 1-0
Team Gasparo (Wyrestorm) 0-1
Philly Special (Ovation) 0-1
Team Ackerman ( Rock-It Audio Video) 0-1
Team Pearson (CTG) 0-1
Ypsilanti Jesses (Midtown Video) 0-1

Week 1 Spin: Randy Gasparo of Wyrestorm gets an “A for effort.” He tried really hard but was unable to overcome the Le’Veon Bell-less Team LeBlanc. The commissioner, LeBlanc, added that he’s obliged to offer a small nod to Team Luisi, the entry from Diversified, for its 167.1 point effort. Ovation’s Philly Special was the only team in the league this week to fail to break the 100-point mark, so congratulations to his next week opponent!

CI Fantasy Football: Group 5 (Commissioner Chelsea Cafiero)
Nebraska Taco Corp (Schaefers TV) 1-0
The Evil Empire (Rock Electric) 1-0
Bitter Donkey’s (InfoCor) 1-0
Team HiBoost (HiBoost) 1-0
2 Gurleys One Cup (Database Works) 1-0
Smiling Mallards (InFocus Tech) 0-1
Team Schutzer (Opt Online) 0-1
South Central Mud Dogs (Electrosonic) 0-1
Team Wynn (Thomas Communications) 0-1
Mr. McGibblets (CI) 0-1

Week 1 Spin: Big thanks to Thomas Communications (Team Wynn) for making Commissioner Chelsea Cafiero’s (Mr. McGibblets) first foray into Fantasy Football just 0.3 points from an overall slaughter. She’s going to blame the Saints defense and injuries from Walker and Baldwin instead of her rookie drafting skills. But congrats to Nebraska Taco Corp for taking week one and for the excellent The League-themed team name. Team HiBoost isn’t far behind, so next week Mr. McGibblets and The Evil Empire need to watch their backs.

Congratulations! If you’ve read this far, you truly are a time-management guru. Look for updated standings and more trash talk each week!

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