CI Hands-On Review: Mersive Solstice Wireless Presentation Software

Discover how Mersive’s Solstice converts a shared meeting display into a collaborative media surface.

CI Staff

Wireless presentation solutions are all the rage, and many integration clients are particularly excited about Mersive’s Solstice solution. It’s remarkable in its simplicity.

It converts a shared meeting display into a collaborative media surface. Multiple people can connect wirelessly or wired to the display via their computers or phones. The software runs on an organization’s network, which allows for central management.

When Commercial Integrator recognized Solstice as one of the “most important products of 2013,” columnist and consulting specifier Chris Neto of AV Helpdesk wrote “adding Android Mobile Device support to the Solstice this year was a great feature.”

Mersive Solstice At-a-Glance

› Simple user interface to manage the Pixel Landscape

› Easy discovery of any Solstice-Enabled Display

› Simultaneous display access for multiple users

› Use laptops or mobile devices

› Connect over existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks

› Share a single window, multiple windows or the whole desktop

› Control any posts on the shared display

› Changes made to shared posts visible in real-time

› Secure, managed pixel streaming to the shared display

› Supports Windows, OSX, Android and iOS mobile devices

› MSRP: $3,500 per license; volume pricing available

But enough about what CI has to say. Let’s see what an integrator who has provided Solstice to clients has to say about it:

Reviewer: Scott Daniel, president; SCI Electronics, Inc.; Greenville, S.C.

Tell us about a project in which you used Mersive’s Solstice?
CertusBank, headquartered in Greenville, S.C., is a large, multi-building, multi-story office complex. Every room that has a PC, monitor or flat screen will have Solstice, plus all collaboration facilities and executive spaces. CertusBank wants to move toward the next generation of collaboration — by using smartphones, tablets, etc. — BYOD.

Why did you choose Solstice versus another collaboration solution? 
Ease of use and Mersive worked with SCI Electronics to assist in integration with third-party control systems. Mersive worked closely with SCI engineering and SCI’s CTS technical staff to make all the Solstice collaboration work properly.

For what types of applications do you recommend this product to other integrators?
Any kind of presentation environment whereby PCs, tablets and multiple platforms can display content, whereby control and management of content is easily achieved and vividly displayed.

How difficult or easy was the installation and setup of this product? 
It was easily installed. Mersive technical support was omnipresent, and this integration assistance for CertusBank was particularly helpful relative to third party platforms.

What are three biggest benefits – “pros” – for an installer using this product? 
1. Integration with third party control systems 2. Dashboard system: All changes can be managed for enterprise-wide throughput 3. From a security viewpoint, the room security feature is a very pragmatic feature of Solstice.

What are the three biggest negatives – “cons” – for an installer using this product? 
Though SCI did not necessarily experience negatives, Mersive was always available to change code to modify any needs that SCI and our client needed for integration purposes. Solstice in itself is a very well-designed solution. It was helpful that Mersive assisted SCI in modifying the solution to best fit CertusBank’s specific needs.

Solstice – How it works animation from Mersive on Vimeo.

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