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College Football Hall of Fame Media Wall Knows Which Team You Love

Interactive video wall excites and engages visitors with access to 765 NCAA College Football teams at their fingertips.

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One of the main goals of the new College Football Hall of Fame, which opened in Atlanta in August of 2014, was that it would be part hall of fame, part museum dedicated to the game of football.

Formerly located in South Bend, Ind., the Hall was first created to immortalize the players and coaches of college football. To capture their passion for the game, the new Hall was designed to be bigger, better and more interactive. It now spans over 94,000 square feet and contains exhibits, event space and a 45-yard indoor football field.

Photos: Go Inside the Video Wall Here

One of the exhibits is a 52-foot long, multi-touch interactive media wall that won Obscura Digital the DSE Bronze Apex Award in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation category in 2015. Titled “Why We Love College Football” the wall is the first thing visitors encounter when they enter the Hall, setting the stage for the entire facility.

The challenge for Obscura Digital and the Hall of Fame was to represent 765 college football teams over decades of history to make the wall both easily navigable and engaging for viewers. The exhibit has also been called the “centerpiece” of the museum, so it had to be pretty darn good.

Watch the College Football Hall of Fame Media Wall in action.

Instead of trying to cram photos, videos and information about all 765 teams into one video wall, Obscura Digital decided to target the content shown to each individual visitor.

Here’s how it works: when visitors sign in, they register and receive an RFID (radio-frequency identification) lanyard. As they they approach the wall, the RFID reader triggers changes in the software, and the wall’s content is dynamically configured to the visitor’s college football team, that they named during registration. AV then populates 39 continuous screens, catered precisely to the user’s interests.

This solution eliminates the need for menus, simplifies the user interface, and reduces bottlenecking so that the flow of visitors into the museum is smooth and steady. Information and visuals about the game, the teams, the cheerleaders and even the marching bands run through the video wall, providing a unique, playful and highly engaging tour for college football fans.

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