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Commercial Integrator Europe Q&A: Scherer Audio Engineering on continuing to aim high(-end)

Designer and owner Thomas Scherer spoke to CIE about the origins of the Scherer range and his hopes for closer links with CIs.

David Davies

Represented in the UK by NuNu Distribution, Scherer Audio Engineering has developed a range of high-end residential audio products centred around its flagship Evince speaker. Designer and owner Thomas Scherer spoke to Commercial Integrator Europe about the origins of the Scherer range and his hopes for closer links with CIs…

What are Scherer’s priorities with regard to the European integration sector at this time?

Adding value by unique design which fits perfectly into both contemporary and some traditional interior designs. When thinking about small full-range systems, these are very likely integrated into many furniture and fixture finishes.

What are its core products at this time, and what are their core applications?

There are two core applications, these being the Evince and Elation, both aimed at the higher-end stereo market with matching bases for audio equipment speakers. In addition, there are matching isolation platforms that are available in matching colours.

In what ways is the Scherer range unique?

The design, especially of the transmission line EVINCE, is absolutely outstanding/unique. No need to hide the system anymore; these systems’ design is an object of art [and so consequently] a talking as well as a listening point. From a sound point of view, the bookshelf speaker ELATION can be placed on stands or on a shelf or within a cupboard, very close to the backwall, without losing sound quality due to its perfect tonality.

How do you see the overall landscape for CI-friendly loudspeakers at this time?

We are just starting to think about integration and we are open to working with appropriate partners from the furniture industry and or CI industry to help with their integration/installation of our speakers.

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