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Crestron Introduces 4K Multimedia Presentation Switchers

All new DigitalMedia models feature 4K switching and scaling with simple setup powered by new Crestron AV Framework technology.

CI Staff

Crestron recently introduced several new 4K presentation solutions for all room types and sizes, and each of the new models require no programming.

The HD-MD8X1-4K all-in-one 4K scaling presentation switcher, DM-MD8X1-4K-C switcher with mic input and DM output and DMPS3-4K-150-C 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia presentation system each offer different ways of satisfying customers’ needs in a variety of applications.

Here’s more from Crestron’s announcement:

Based on the powerful DMP3-4K-150-C, the all-new, all-in-one 4K Scaling Presentation Switcher (HD-MD8X1-4K) provides a well priced 4K auto-switching solution for smaller rooms, such as huddle spaces, and smaller budgets.

With up to eight inputs, the HD-MD8X1-4K provides the perfect fit for rooms that require connection to the room display via HDMI® − and at a breakthrough price. The built-in 4K scaler can convert any resolution to any other resolution, up to 4096×2160.

For slightly bigger rooms:
The 4K Scaling Presentation Switcher with HDBaseT® Output (DM-MD8X1-4K-C) delivers all of the features of the HD-MD8X1-4K, plus a mic input and a DM output, so HDBaseT can be run to the room display. It’s the perfect fit for rooms larger than a huddle space.

Perfect fit for classrooms and conference rooms:
If you want to use remote transmitters, or program your own system, the 3-Series® 4K DigitalMedia™ Presentation System (DMPS3-4K-150-C) is the answer. This engineering marvel is ideal for classrooms, small and medium conference rooms, and huddle spaces. It adds a powerful 3-Series Control System® and two DM inputs for a 10X1 4K switching solution, and can be used with either .AV Framework™ or SIMPL Windows for custom programming.

.AV Framework technology eliminates need for custom programming:
All three all-in-one presentation switchers are built on the new Crestron .AV Framework technology, so they’re ready to go right out of the box. Setup is easy and can be done right from an iPad®, laptop, or touch screen, without custom programming. Simply walk into the room, connect your cables, specify sources and displays, and the system is up and running. We’ve prepared videos that demonstrate how .AV Framework makes it easy to set up systems in conference rooms and huddle spaces.

Additionally, all three switchers adhere to the DM® 3.0 digital standard, which assures that they can be monitored and managed on the network, and deliver a consistent user experience in every room.

“We now have three ‘no programming’ presentation switchers and three control options that can be mixed and matched based on room size and application” said Justin Kennington, DigitalMedia Technology Manager. “No programming not only means fast setup, but also a truly cost-effective solution for even the smallest huddle spaces.”

Learn more about the all-new no-programming DMPS3-4K-150-C, HD-MD8X1-C and DM-MD8X1-C all-in-one multimedia presentation systems.

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