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D.A.S. Line Array Designed for Small & Medium Reinforcement Applications

The newly announced Event Series from D.A.S. can be used for mobile and permanent installations in small- to medium-size system applications.

Aiming to meet the needs of small- and medium-size sound reinforcement installations, D.A.S. Audio of America has introduced a new line of products.

The Skinny: The new D.A.S. Event Series includes three models that can be used for mobile and permanent installations.

The Specs: The Event Series features the Event 208A and the Event 210A. Both units employ powered three-way systems that respectively utilize double 8-inch and double 10-inch configurations. D.A.S. also utilizes single M-75 compression drivers and companion purpose-designed injected aluminum high-frequencies waveguides on the 208A and 210A products.

The speakers are powered by three-channel Class D amplifiers that deliver 360 watts per channel. The amp’s rear panel includes Neutrik XLR and PowerCON connectors as well as status LEDs to help with the setup of the Easy-DSP interface that is engineered to simplify the selection of presets that configure the line arrays.

The Event Series is supported by a twin 18-inch subwoofer that utilizes the company’s LX series long-excursion woofers. The products are made of Baltic birch plywood and are finished in the company’s ISO-flex paint for added durability.

Solutions: The Event Series can be used for small to medium-size sound reinforcement applications that include mobile and permanent installations.

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