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Digital Signage Has Entered Its ‘Talkies’ Phase

Sound is increasingly part of the picture for digital signage as demonstrated at Digital Signage Expo 2014.

Dan Daley

LG-MRI is a newly formed joint venture between the Korean consumer electronics giant and MRI, an Atlanta-area developer of outdoor digital menu boards, mobile displays, kiosks and other electronic signage. CEO Peter Kaszycki was showing how even large digital signage can accommodate good audio.

The company’s largest, an 84-inch display that uses motion sensing to let viewers interact with it, has 4-inch speakers in its base that produce tones that give users the feedback they need to know that the touchless cursor is working. A slightly smaller 72-inch stand, currently installed in Manchester, UK, takes sound to the next level by using camera-based proximity alerts and facial recognition to choose messages aimed at either men or women.

The content, however, is usually delivered in a female voice for both genders. “Men like to be talk to by women,” Kaszycki quipped.

LG-MRI’s 84-inch display uses motion sensing to let viewers interact with it and has 4-inch speakers in its base.


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