Diversified Takes Risks on Way to Being Named 2016 Integrator of Year

New brand, major acquisition and leadership change highlight the successful shuffling at Diversified in 2016.

When your company is well-established—and successful—there’s often an approach that emits the cliché, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

But the savvy companies know it’s important to shake things up a bit even when everything seems to be going well.

Sure, there are examples like New Coke that disprove the theory, but think of all the innovation we’d have missed out on if Apple had rested on its laurels after launching a computer company.

Too often in the AV industry, we find or hear about examples of companies that aren’t ready to embrace new ways of doing things because “technology moves too fast to keep up with it” or “we’ve always done things this way and people seem to like it.”

Diversified has been a perennial success story that’s routinely generated hundreds of millions in revenue since Fred D’Alessandro started the company in 1993. So there was some level of risk when Diversified kicked off 2016 by unveiling a new contemporary brand.

What Makes Diversified the Integrator of the Year?

Certainly, unveiling a new contemporary brand is not the reason we chose Diversified as our 2016 Integrator of the Year, but the fact the company has been able to build upon its success in the face of a brand change, three acquisitions and a new president are a testament to its ability to persevere during turmoil.

As an added bonus for their customers who care more that they can push a button to launch their technology, Diversified lives up to its name by being able to do just about anything its customers need and want, from content creation to deployment and analysis.

There are far too few in this space who offer a one-stop shopping approach, but that’s becoming increasingly necessary as more people use technology to enhance their lives, many of them on a global scale.

Like with most publications who bestow honors of this scale, we always hear from readers when we pick our annual Integrator of the Year. Many of them agree with our choice, but some wonder why we felt this company was worthy over their favorite.

There have definitely been years when the pick was contentious or downright difficult. Not this year with Diversified.

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