Don’t Squander Your Manufacturer Partners’ Market Expertise

Lencore says it wants to share its extensive market research with dealers who, if they’re smart, can leverage the heck out of it.

CI Staff

This is not about product training.

Integrators should ask themselves if they learn enough from their manufacturer partners’ unique perception on their markets and the customers they serve.

Think about it.

Lencore didn’t enter into the soundmasking category lightly. It continues to research market demand and understand trends that necessitate soundmasking solutions.

Sharing that understanding of specific benefits can help integration firms not just sell soundmasking but solve customers’ pressing problems – adding more value to the relationship.

“Manufacturers try to understand what’s going on in the marketplace and I think a systems integrator can benefit from engaging their manufacturer,” says Lencore VP of marketing David Smith.

“If they take that information to their clients they can then provide them with solutions that maybe they didn’t know existed in the past.”

Watch Lencore’s David Smith discuss with CI editor Tom LeBlanc:

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