Drones to Take Off at InfoComm 2015

New drone pavilion sponsored by Stampede and Unmanned Vehicle University will feature a netted cage where the drones will be free to fly.

InfoComm‘s annual industry show is quickly approaching, and the show has a couple new things in store for attendees who make the trek to Orlando on June 17-19.

One area that’s likely to get a lot of attention is the recently added Drone Pavilion, a section that will feature as many as a dozen manufacturers showing off their latest innovations in the world of unmanned flying objects.

The area came out of a series of conversations between InfoComm officials and Stampede CEO Kevin Kelly, whose company is sponsoring the pavilion along with Unmanned Vehicle University.

The pavilion will feature a netted cage in the back of the hall where the drones will be free to fly. So far, there are no plans to let them roam free around the tradeshow floor, like robots have done at previous InfoComm shows.

“It’s been such a hot topic and this is our opportunity to embrace it,” says McGraw. He sees a variety of potential applications for drones in the commercial AV world, including for wireless video in corporate, education, law enforcement and energy markets, among others.

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“We’re always looking to add areas where we think there’s interest,” says McGraw, noting pavilions on security, live events and 3D have been among other late editions to InfoComm shows in the past, with varying degrees of success.

The pavilion will host several presentations of drones and their applications, along with short sessions each day focused on particular manufacturers who have perfected their drones. The pavilion was added a month or so ago as talk about and interest in drones swelled.

“We’re not talking about drones from a cinematic perspective or from a broadcast or consumer standpoint,” says McGraw. “We’re looking at it from how they can be deployed in commercial settings. It seems simple, but there’s a lot to understand. Hopefully, it takes off, no pun intended. There’s a lot to be known and discovered about it.”