3 Webinars to Renew Your CTS Certification before 2017

By participating in Almo Pro AV’s educational webinar series focused on display technology and collaboration, resellers and integrators can earn three InfoComm CTS Renewal Units.

Almo Professional AV is giving resellers and integrators the opportunity to stay ahead of the competition and earn three InfoComm CTS Renewal Units (RUs) by participating in its educational webinar series focused on display technology and collaboration.

“Based on feedback at our E4 events this year and additional input from our partners, these topics are a priority in our resellers’ and integrators’ minds right now,” explained Melody Craigmyle, vice president of marketing for Almo Professional AV in the company press release.

“The webinars are being led by Jonathan Brawn and Malissa Dillman who are two of the most effective AV instructors in the industry. Each webinar provides a convenient way to learn while giving participants the ability to earn the RUs necessary to maintain CTS certification before the year is up.”

The following webinars take place at 2:00 p.m. Eastern and are each worth one CTS RU: 

Wednesday, December 14:

OLED: The Curve of the Future
With so much marketing hype surrounding displays today, it’s difficult to decipher the true impact of useful technology. This webinar looks at the value of curved vs. non-curved displays, OLED vs. LED or LCD technologies, HDR, and why it is an important consideration with regards to choosing display technologies that fit specific needs.

This webinar also looks at the impact that contrast ratios and pixel counts may have on decisions when choosing a new display. Presented by Malissa Dillman and sponsored by LG.

Thursday, December 15:

Collaboration and Interactivity – Thinking Outside the Classroom
Looks at new opportunities, venues and use cases for merging two components of the AV industry: collaboration and interactive displays. Reviews the concept of a paperless office and how these technologies can have a positive impact in a green environment.

This webinar also looks at design and installation concepts for integrating these dual technologies into your next venue. Presented by Malissa Dillman and sponsored by Sharp.

Tuesday, December 20:

Interactive Collaboration – System Design and Deployment
Examines how to implement collaboration and interactive displays. Investigates the things that will impact how you design and install these types of systems. From asking the right questions to determining the sizes, recognizing implementation issues and the all-important training of champions.

We’ll discuss each so you can design, develop and deliver an exceptional solution. Presented by Malissa Dillman and sponsored by Sharp.

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