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Earthworks Expands FlexMic Series with 40kHz Models

Adding to its line of FlexMic products, Earthworks has announced that it is now shipping new 40kHz High Definition models.

The N.H.-based audio manufacturer Earthworks is well respected within the world of professional audio for products like its condenser microphones and calibration microphones.

The Skinny: Augmenting its line of FlexMic podium microphone products, the company has announced it is shipping its 40kHz High Definition FlexMic line.

The Specs: Earthworks points out that its original line of FlexMic products provide a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz, and its says the new High Definition FlexMic products provide an increased frequency response of 50Hz to 40kHz. According to the Granite State company, the increased frequency response helps the microphones to deliver even greater levels of clarity and intelligibility.

All FlexMic products include 7mm goosenecks and low profiles, and Earthworks states the the FM and FMHD products feature flexible goosenecks, and the FMR and FMRHD models feature rigid centers with flex at both ends. Earthworks offers the microphone products with a choice of cardioid or hypercardioid polar patterns, and a choice of 13-, 19-, 23- and 27-inch lengths.

SolutionsThe FlexMic products can be used in boardrooms, auditoriums, classrooms and other environments.

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