Eat, Drink, & Learn Tips from the Pros: TechTalk Event at InfoComm

Control Concepts and BMA Software Solutions present the first TechTalk event, aimed at empowering technology managers, at InfoComm 2014.

When Control Concepts and BMA Software Solutions came together to form TechTalk, it was with the goal of empowering technology managers.

The InfoComm event, Control Experts’ Tips from the Trenches, will be held at 5:30 PM on Tuesday the 17th at the Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant in Las Vegas.

It will be the first TechTalk event. What will this event entail?

“A casual atmosphere where we can have some cocktails, we’re going to have a nice dinner, and begin the process of giving them a place to go long-term where they can gather, share, and get some feedback from people in the field that aren’t trying to sell them another tool or piece of hardware,” says Marc LaVecchia, Principal at BMA Software Solutions. “Basically [we are] bringing that knowledge base from our programmers, some of the best in the field, to them so that they can share information not just with us but amongst each other.”

“It’s going to be pure learning,” says Steve Greenblatt, President of Control Concepts. “It’s not going to be a sales pitch. It’s going to be about them.”

In addition to food and drink, including samples of local brews at Gordon Biersch, the event will give practical information. Presentations will include information on designing systems that will save money in the long run, ways to troubleshoot systems to solve problems more efficiently, and some best practices that are, at times, taken for granted. The topics will deal with troubleshooting tips, future-proofing your system, setting the standard, and energy management.

“One of my favorite parts that we’re doing is called ‘What’s in the bag,'” says LaVecchia. “We’re having our programmers literally open up their bags and show the type of tools that they have in the bag that they use on a regular basis that makes it easier for them to load, test, troubleshoot; to get in and get out of a room and get that room working as quickly as possible. Not just the tools themselves, but what they use them for and how they help them be better in the field.”

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The companies hope that TechTalk will grow into an exclusive community of verified technology managers. Beyond InfoComm, TechTalk will continue to offer events, webinars and webcasts, training modules, collaboration, and online content and information. It will be a resource, an environment for technology managers to learn from others’ experiences both positive and negative, to gain insight from industry professionals, to connect with other technology managers, and to explore ideas and solutions.

“Our plan is to do something that’s more exclusive based on who they are and what they do. We make sure we’re verifying who wants to be a part of the community so that they can contribute and share,” says LaVecchia. “To give them a place where they can come, watch some webinars, participate in some podcasts, share new technologies, but have it very exclusive so that those that are a part of this group are truly and genuinely invested in what they do and trying to help each other.”

The companies plan on using feedback from this event to help TechTalk dig deeper. The event will allow them to focus their efforts on the areas that technology managers are most interested in moving forward.

“We’re looking to serve the community,” says Greenblatt. “Technology managers are a special group in the industry. Their roles are changing, and there are more demands on them, and they’re also taking the initiative to do some more work on their own. They need a place to be able to learn and to get answers to questions and to be able to find out how to solve some problems. I think that we’re very well positioned to be able to help them in that pursuit.”

The event promises to give practical lessons from industry leaders that will help technology managers immediately begin to improve their processes. If you are a technology decision maker attending InfoComm, the event is a can’t-miss. It will serve as the inauguration for a community of vetted peers, a landing pad for technology managers to trade and gather information.

To register for the event, visit TechTalk’s registration page. To get more information on TechTalk, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

I look forward to seeing you there.

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