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“Excellence takes time”: Casio discusses first Ultra Short Throw Lamp Free Projector

Casio Projectors’ Phil Clark speaks to Commercial Integrator Europe about the genesis of the UST.

David Davies

In April this year, projection giant Casio announced the introduction of its first Ultra Short Throw (UST) projector, further bolstering its credentials as the only projector manufacturer with a complete line-up of lamp- and mercury-free projects.

The addition of the UST, claimed Casio at the time of launch, also demonstrated the company’s commitment to greener technology with an emphasis on low total cost of ownership and energy efficiency.

Nearly four months on from launch, Casio Projectors’ head of projectors, Phil Clark, spoke to Commercial Integrator Europe about the genesis of the UST and its reception so far…

Why was 2014 the right time for Casio to make its debut in the Ultra Short Throw Lamp Free Projector?

In relation to our competitors we were quiet late to the game with the Ultra Short Throw Projector, mainly because we wanted to get it right! Although we had been working on the UST concept for a while we invested a lot of time bench-testing and updating the product to ensure a high quality at launch. Excellence takes time and we are really pleased with the great image quality and reliability of the Casio UST. The feedback from our customers has been really positive.

How is the product performing sales-wise? And can you give me some information on the initial customers and applications?

The UST was developed with schools in mind, and we have seen positive uptake in the education sector for the product. Schools that already use our laser and LED hybrid projectors – and benefit from our low-maintenance, eco-friendly technology – placed orders even before we had the products in the country.

Can you give a few hints about Casio’s current projects in terms of professional projector solutions, and what might be on the horizon for the rest of 2014?

Our aim is to create hassle-free products that make life easy for everyone, including the IT managers who often have to run around troubleshooting. In 2015 and beyond we will continue on our mission to introduce simple and effective projection technology that is integrated across multiple platforms and devices.