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Extron Announces New Generation of Cable Cubby Enclosures

The Anaheim, Calif.-based manufacturer Extron has launched its latest cable and power management solutions the Cable Cubby Series/2 line of products.

Extron‘s Cable Cubby line of products has been out for several years and the products have helped installers to neatly configure power and AV connectivity in a variety of business environments.

The Skinny: Just after the 2013 Thanksgiving holiday, Extron announced its new updated Cable Cubby Series/2 line of products that offer a number of improvements over the original product series.

The Specs: Extron says the AV and power cable enclosures are engineered to streamline and facilitate access to cabling connections in spaces where real estate is at a premium. The new Cable Cubby Series/2 products incorporate the company’s many years of experience in product design for these applications, and they include an integrated clamping system that secure the products to furniture. They are available in a choice of black anodized or brushed aluminum finishes to complement an array of interior spaces.

Extron adds the product line is available in two versions: the Cable Cubby 1200 for single user applications and the Cable Cubby 1400 for multi-user applications.

Solutions The Cable Cubby Series/2 products can be installed into government buildings, offices and other environments.