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Extron CableCover Augments Cable Cubby Products

The new CableCover from Extron adds to the cable management capabilities of the company’s Cable Cubby, Cable Cubby Series/2 and TouchLink Cable Cubby enclosures.

Sometimes it’s the little things that impress clients the most.

Through solutions like Extron‘s Cable Cubby series of products, dealers can please clients concerned with the aesthetic impact of electronics in their businesses by concealing cabling runs.

The Skinny: Recently the Anaheim, Calif.-based manufacturer announced an easy-to-install enhancement to its Cable Cubby, Cable Cubby Series/2 and TouchLink Cable Cubby Enclosure products.

The new CableCover is engineered to add to the Cable Cubby’s abilities to conceal cabling runs to further disguise cabling runs within business locations.

The Specs: Extron explains that once the CableCover is installed, it improves under-the-table cable management, as well as the aesthetics of cabling runs. The California company also points out the product is designed to minimize the problem of tangled cables and accidental misconnections. The company notes that it developed the product to meet the requests of its dealer base.

“Extron Cable Cubby enclosures are the AV industry’s ‘go to’ products for conference room cable management on top of the table, but many customers asked for something to dress up the underside of the installation as well,” says Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron. “CableCover provides a simple, elegant, and easy-to-install solution that conceals loose AV system cables without affecting access or serviceability.”

The 19-inch deep CableCover is said to provide enough room for eight A/V cables or three of the company’s Retractor Series cable retraction modules. Extron adds the CableCover is made with flame-retardant, black polyester fabric, and it includes a roll of self-adhesive, hook-and-loop tape for mounting to the product.

Solutions: Extron says the Cable Cubby can be installed into just about any business environment, including new installs and retrofit installations, and the product meets California Bulletin 117 Section E flammability standard for furniture-grade textiles.

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