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Extron Releases True4K Product Specifications

Making strides towards a new industry standard, Extron announces new True4K Specification criteria for 4K products.

Extron has introduced its new True4K Specification criteria to define its 4K products.

Extron states customers deserve to know the truth about product capabilities. For each of Extron’s 4K solutions, customers will see a True4K logo and True4K specification that includes the important information they need to know about product performance it points out.

The True4K specs will include complete information regarding resolution, frame rate, color sampling, and color bit depth. With this detailed information, Extron says customers will be able to select the right products for their 4K applications and 4K system design requirements.

In addition to True4K specifications, Extron Institutes now include training that provides information that A/V system designers need to know in order to successfully design 4K video systems that perform reliably and meet customer expectations.

“At Extron, marketing has always meant providing truthful and accurate information rather than making over-the-top, inflated claims about product performance. Our True4K specification gives customers the complete information they need to make an informed product decision,” says Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron.

“Extron is an engineering-driven company, and with over 150 solutions for 4K we are leading the industry with products that are continually recognized for their reliability, high performance, and integration friendly features,” he says. “The combination of the most complete product offering backed up by detailed and accurate specifications, along with award-winning technology training makes Extron a one-stop shop for everything 4K.”

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